Friday, July 14, 2017

7 of Spades

The 7 of Spades in Modern Cartomancy can warn of a challenging situation. It is not a card we hope to see, particularly in a love reading. Generally the 7 of Spades represents a setback or a reversal of fortune, and in relationship readings it invariably shows a cooling off of affections.

For example, the 4 of Hearts with the 7 of Spades would show a marriage or partnership on the rocks. There is a cooling of affections, and one or both parties feel frustrated and unfulfilled. This combination can also suggest that the partner drinks too much.

The 7 is Spades is the "drinking" card. It can denote imbibing alcohol or partaking of any kind of intoxicating substance including both prescription medications and illegal drugs. The combination 7 of Spades and Ace of Spades (the mind) can show intoxication. If the 4 of Spades is nearby, it can denote a hangover.

When surrounded by positive or neutral cards, the 7 of Spades can refer to social drinking or recreational drug use. With cards indicating a party or social interaction, the 7 of Spades will usually indicate that liquor will be a part of the celebration. The combination 7 of Spades with the 3 of Hearts can denote a cocktail party.

When the 7 of Spades falls between two Face Cards it shows the two people going out for drinks. If the 7 of Spades appears  surrounded by multiple Face Cards, it shows a night out on the town with a group of people. A predominance of Clubs would indicate celebrating with co-workers. A predominance of hearts would show a night out with friends.

When falling with cards from the Club suit, denoting career or profession, the 7 of Spades can describe someone who works as a bartender, a barback, or a cocktail server. If the 2 of Diamonds is nearby, it would indicate that they work in a restaurant where liquor is also served.

The 7 of Spades is also the Card of addiction. Alcoholism or drug addiction is commonly represented by the combination 7 of Spades and 9 of Spades. The 9 of Spades shows something harmful (although this combination can also indicate that your prescription medication is causing you harm). If the 5 of Spades is nearby, it will show that others (family members, friends, etc.) can be hurt as well by the substance abuse.

The 7 of Spades is also a "water" card, but usually only in a negative sense.* It can predict anything from a faucet drip to a leaky pipe to an inconvenient rainstorm.

If you're looking to purchase a home, and the cards show the 7 of Spades near the Ace of Hearts along with a money card, you can be sure that you'll find a problem with the plumbing that will be costly to repair.

The absence of a big money card may simply indicate that the water heater needs replacement, especially if the 7 of Hearts is also present.

With Diamonds, the 7 of Spades will show financial setbacks. The surrounding cards will usually indicate the cause. If the 3 of Spades (loss) is nearby with a money card, it would show a gambling or trading losses.

In a general sense, the 7 of Spades is a card of stagnation and frustration.

When this card begins a line of cards, it indicates a long delay before the events outlined by the following cards can play out.

When the 7 of Spades ends a line of cards, it can show a lack of progress, or a stalled situation. It will usually indicate that events  will not play out as you hoped.

When it appears in the middle of a line of cards, the 7 of Spades indicates that the preceding cards are blocked, and the following cards are delayed. If the subsequent cards are positive, the situation will require patience and perseverance to achieve the predicted outcome.

Whenever and wherever it appears, the 7 of Spades is rarely a welcomed sight. You can bet that patience and perseverance will be required to overcome a difficult period of setbacks and frustrations.

* The card that represents water in a positive sense, such as swimming or boating, is the 10 of Clubs.


  1. Kaph, out of curiosity, out of all of the cartomancy techniques that you know, which is your favorite? And which has proven to be accurate for you?

  2. Muito esclarecedor! Adorando seu Blog!

  3. Leio Baralho Lenormand e sempre tive curiosidade para aprender o Baralho Comum. Aprendendo muiiito com você! Só tenho que agradecer! Abraços de luz!!

  4. Hello, greetings from Brazil.
    This is the best cartomancy blog I have ever seen. Your work has inspired me a lot to study this fascinating oracle. Gratitude for sharing your wisdom.
    Your big fan. Lucas Jill.

  5. That's a great question! I'd have to say that my favorite technique is to fan the cards out face-down on the table and begin drawing cards randomly for the reading whether I am using a particular spread, or just drawing a few cards to answer a specific question. For me personally, I have always found that drawing cards randomly is much more accurate that simply drawing cards off the top of a shuffled deck. I have a process that I've developed over the years whereby a card will appear slightly darker in color to me than all of the rest of the cards. That is how I'm lead to pick a particular card. Of course the cards do not really change color. It's just how my intuition works when I'm drawing cards.

  6. Thank you, Lucas Jill. I appreciate your wonderful words!

  7. I am sorry, realizing I'm asking many questions, please feel free to ignore me if that's the case. In a romantic reading using Lady's Fan Spread, I got 5S followed by 4H in the outcome (future) position. I interpret this as separation followed by reunion. However, the person & I have been separated for three years. So my alternate interpretation is that we'll continue to remain separated until we eventually reunite. The delays are further accentuated by the cards representing present (KC + 3H) which to me say that he's struggling with the decision (we did not part amicably). Furthermore, KS as linchpin tells me he may not be such a good guy after all - he is not dark in appearance - so it could be indicative of his character. Or, maybe KS represents another person. I wanted to post in case you saw the cards differently, particularly the "future" 5S + 4H which I find contradicting, esp. in the absence of any cards indicating communication.

  8. The KS could just indicate that he is still feeling hurt and or resentment from the breakup. It doesn't necessarily mean that he is a bad person. As for the combination 5S + 4H it's hard to say for sure without knowing the exact question you asked. It could show a reconciliation-- although after three years it may not be likely. Or it could indicate that you need to release the past in order to find a happiness in a new relationship.

  9. I have asked specifically, "will we reconcile?". However, I also like your interpretation of a need to release the past (it is probably advisable!). Thanks for answering my question.

  10. Very interesting Kaph! :). Intuition really is key in any divinatory art. Also, I find it so cool how the color of the card changes and that is how you know to pick that card. One more question, do you prefer playing cards? Sibilla? Or Lenormand cards? You know how to read so many decks so I am curious to know if you have one that you always go to no matter the question.

  11. For me it depends on the reading. I prefer Lenormand for questions about someone's physical description or character traits. I also prefer Lenormand for finding lost objects. For spiritual readings, especially when reading for myself, I prefer using Pages of Shustah. For most general readings I use playing cards. I've been using Sibilla a lot lately, and I find that it tends to hone right in on the heart of any matter. My newest obsession is the Etteilla Tarot. Having said all of that, I must admit that if I were stranded on a desert island with only one card deck, it would definitely be the playing cards.

  12. Interesting. Just a quick question though? Is there a card that can tell you whether someone is gay? Not a hater here. See, I've done a reading of my own about a guy I like. And 5H has been consistent on showing up. Now, I'm thinking if it is telling me that he's gay. For clarification, I'm gay and I practice divination as well. Thanks!

  13. Why the weird clarification? I know lots of excellent practitioners of divination who are gay.

    Anyway... No, there is not a specific card that will tell you someone is gay. There are combinations of cards that can offer a clue, but most of the time you have to rely on your intuition. My first thought about the 5H consistently showing up is that your guy has a girlfriend or is interested in woman.

    The 5H can describe someone as effeminate, but you would have to trust your intuition to tell if that means he is gay. It's not something I would assume automatically from that card.

  14. Master J David Arcuri you are the best classic cartomancy guru...

  15. My Mom recently passed and at the funeral we found the Ace of Clubs on her lapel. What does this represent?

    1. I’m sorry for your loss. The Ace of Clubs represents the beginning of a new cycle of growth and progress. All of the aces represent new beginnings. I take it as a reminder from the Universe that physical death is a transition to a new level of evolution, and not a final end. Thank you for sharing this meaningful experience.