Monday, July 6, 2015

Basic Cartomancy Skills: Suit Interactions

Part 1: Suit Interactions

I first learned to read playing cards from my paternal grandmother, who was professional reader in New York City back in the 1950′s and 60′s. She had learned to read the cards from an aunt back in Italy before immigrating to the U.S. I remember, as a young child, eavesdropping on my grandmother’s readings with fascination, and when I turned 12 years old, she agreed to teach me her method.

The first thing I learned was to read the cards based on the symbolism of the four suits only. At the time, I was feeling restless and disappointed because I desperately wanted to learn the “meat and potatoes” of card reading. Now in retrospect, I appreciate my grandmother’s immense wisdom. My ability to perform a complete, in-depth reading using only the symbolism of the four Suits, and how they interact, has contributed greatly to my success as a reader.

The cards will speak to you in a unique and personal way if you are willing to open your heart and mind to their wisdom.  These are the basic suit meanings that work best for me:

Basic Suit Meanings:

Spades - negativity, problems, challenges, failure, illness and loss.

Hearts – emotion, love, happiness, sharing, pleasure, and healing.

Clubs - good luck, growth, activity, work, business and social interactions.

Diamonds - energy, power, imagination, money, rewards, success and legal judgments.

Basic Suit Interactions:
Each Suit is influenced by the Suit that tops or falls to the right of it. Here is a table of suggested meanings for the interactions of the Four Suits that work for me. This list only scratches the surface, so don’t be afraid to work out your own interpretations based on your own unique understanding of the four suits.






serious trouble, illness, possible harmphysical or emotional healingactively working through problemsimagined problems, improved finances


hurt feelings, emotional painjoy, happiness, love, romance, enjoymentcreativity, service to others & good luckhappiness & success, comfort & security


increased difficulties, problems with workhappy outcome, developing emotionsaction, increased activity, taking controlincrease in power or money, rewards from work


energy block, money problem, spending moneyrewards, positive attraction or sharing moneyapplied power or investing moneygreat success or acquiring and saving money

With just the basic meanings to the Suits, it’s possible to provide an accurate, insightful reading. And a good understanding of the four suits and how they interact is an excellent jumping off point for delving more deeply into the symbolism of the individual cards.

In Part 2, I’ll review the basic cartomancy number meanings, and how to combine them with the suit interactions to provide a surprisingly detailed and accurate cartomancy reading.


  1. Do you have the meanings of all the card meanings so I can take notes. Thanks

  2. Hi Kapherus ,
    I have a card reading for career. Actually, I asked 'Can i start to work at X?' My reading;

    10 hearts - 3 spades - 2 diamonds

    It is a yes/no question and reds more than black.
    But 3 spades is very negative card. I don't understand anything. Can you help me understand this reading??

    thank you xoxo

  3. thank you so much for all the info you provide!

  4. You're welcome, and thank you.

  5. how do I look at the table? Do I first look at the column or row?
    I assumed that first card is in a row and the second in a column... or is it other way around?
    because it changes the reading... thank you, this is the best website for learning cartomancy... <3

  6. Thank you. I'm happy to know that my site is helpful in your study of cartomancy. Yes, I created the table with the idea that the first card is represented by the row, and the additional card by the column. I hope this makes sense.

  7. Just to be sure xD if first card is hearts (♥) and the second card is clubs (♣) the correlation between the two would be in the table: "creativity, service to others & good luck"... Really thank you so much for the quick reply, you're the best...

  8. Yes, that is exactly how I intended for the table to be used. This interpretation you noted is for when the heart falls first and is followed by the club.

  9. When I follow this chart with an untraditional deck of cards, do I need to honor the referral rule (as one does in Tarot) when a card is noticeably upside-down?

    1. For me, the suit interactions serve the same functions as reversals. It’s sort of like how some tarot readers use elemental influences in place of reversals. So even when using an untraditional deck, I do not place any special significance on reversals.