Thursday, August 10, 2017

The Diamond Suit in Relationship Readings

I get a lot of questions about how to read the Diamond suit in relationship readings. This article is an expansion of comments I posted on the Art of Cartomancy Facebook page in answer to some of these questions.

I find that in most cases when Diamonds appear in a relationship reading, they will still talk about money and power and energy. Money and power are often at the root of relationship troubles-- marital problems in particular, so I always take the Diamond cards at face value first, before I consider alternate meanings.

It's important to keep in mind that Diamonds do not represent sentimental feelings. Even the most positive of the Diamond cards cannot assure you that you're going to meet the man of your dreams, or tell you if your crush loves you, or confirm that your lover will return to you.

For the most part the Diamond suit represents energy-- all types of energy including electricity, magnetism, nuclear fission , solar power, light, fire, heat, money (which is energy in motion), consciousness, mental energy, physical energy, sexual energy, and the body's nervous system which controls everything we do.

Diamonds also rule how we perceive energy through our sensory apparatus: eyes, ears, nose, the senses of touch and taste, and of course the extra-sensory abilities such as intuition and psychic awareness. Diamonds represent how we communicate, and how we process information. Diamonds represent information itself.

In general, the Diamonds represent all of the activities associated with left-brain thinking such as analysis, computation, numbers, mathematics, science, logic, speech, language, information technology, computer technology, etc.  In other words...

Diamonds are emotionally detached.

Despite this emotional detachment, the Diamond cards play an important role in defining relationships. They show us how we communicate with each other. They can highlight physical and sexual attraction. They can offer clues about the true motives of a prospective partner. They can show us a relationship based solely on financial interests, or one that is based on sex alone. What the Diamonds cannot do is tell us whether or not we will fall in love.

The Ace of Diamonds is a card of communication. It represents a message or an invitation. This Ace can also relate to  a new beginning, or to the renewal of an existing situation. In relationship readings, the Ace of Diamonds can also represent a ring. With the right combination of cards from the suit of Hearts, it can represent an engagement ring specifically, and indicate that an engagement is taking place. But unless surrounded by Hearts, this Ace says nothing about love.

Generally, the 2 of Diamonds is a card of self-sufficiency, and the desire for independence. It can define a relationship based on financial interests. It is also the card that represents the imagination. If you are asking about the strong vibes you're picking up from your new office crush, the 2 of Diamonds can warn that it's all in your mind. If you suspect your lover of cheating, the 2 of Diamonds can assure you that you're imagining things.

The 3 of Diamonds talks about stalled growth. It describes relationships that run hot and cold. It can show a lack of commitment in love.  One or both parties is unwilling or unable to invest the necessary effort for the relationship to succeed. This card will often show up when the relationship has been on again/off again for a long period of time.

In relationship readings, the 4 of Diamonds represents an energy connection, or good chemistry, which is the foundation for any strong relationship. It is not necessarily sexual, although with love cards the 4 can indeed denote sexual chemistry.  This card also shows an intellectual connection. It's a great card for friendship as well.

The 5 of Diamonds is more about sexual attraction, but not necessarily reciprocal. This card reminds us that sex is not love.  The 5 is also the energy that surrounds charismatic people and draws others to them. When it falls with a Face Card, the 5 of Diamonds can reveal someone who is attracted to you. Surrounding cards will usually show the nature and degree of the attraction.

The 6 of Diamonds is another card of communication. With spades it shows stubbornness, a lack of communication, withdrawal or holding back. With Hearts it may indicate shyness and timidity. With other Diamonds it usually shows nervousness or an unsettled situation. When it falls in a combination with Hearts and Spades it will highlight feelings of jealousy and possessiveness. The possessive husband or lover will usually show up as the King of Spades with the 6 of Diamonds.

The 7 of Diamonds is a card of earned success. It is about being rewarded for investing time, energy or money. In a love reading, this card can show that a motive other than love is driving romantic interest. It can show what you expect to get out of a relationship. It can show whether or not you are getting what you deserve. With other Diamonds, it can describe a financially convenient arrangement. With Clubs it can be about companionship or the services the partner provides. With Spades it can show co-dependency and the fear of being alone. With Hearts it will indicate investing emotion. The thing to remember is that some kind of a payoff is almost always assumed or expected.

The 8 of Diamonds will describe someone who is guarded and wary. It can represent the need to take things slowly. In relationship readings it can indicate making careful plans for the future. This card is cautious, and lacks any kind of spontaneity.

The 9 of Diamonds is often a person card in relationship readings. It is a card of strong attraction, and will usually represent someone who is attracted to you. This can be your husband/wife or boyfriend/girlfriend, or it can be someone with a secret crush on you. This is also the card of thoughts, and it's an important card to look for if you're asking about what someone thinks of you. Pay close attention to surrounding cards. This person wants something from you.

The 10 of Diamonds can be tricky because it is such a great card. It's big money and security and success and victory. But it is not about sentimental feelings.  In relationship readings it can show a union based on financial security. It often shows up as the reason a couple stays together despite serious problems in the relationship.

The Diamond Face Cards can represent people you are attracted to, whereas the Heart Face Cards are people you love. Remember, if you use the suits to describe the Face Cards, they will reflect your (the querent's) perception of them, and not their true state or character. With other Diamonds they are attractive and intelligent and optimistic, restless, nervous and chatty. With Clubs they are helpful, and may offer both advice and financial assistance. With Hearts they can be thoughtful, quiet and shy. With Spades they can be taciturn and stubborn and jealous.

Just because a super positive card appears in a reading, it does not automatically mean that you get your wish. You have to read the card. When in doubt I always ask myself, why did this particular card fall in this position instead of any one of the other 51? There is always a good reason. If you have to fudge or stretch, chances are the cards are not saying what you think (or hope) they are saying.


  1. I am glad that you posted this. I routinely get stuck on the interpretation of diamond cards in my romantic relationship readings. I've been juggling between your site & some other sites, but some of the diamond (as well as club) cards just never make much sense. This is of great help.

  2. thank you so much for this! Very helpful :)

  3. great article!!! thank u so much David

  4. All your posts are so helpful. This one is really a stand out. Thank you so much! 🌹

  5. Much needed & most useful information. Thanks for posting this. Eagerly waiting for next post from you.

  6. Great work Kaph! I love your blog and card meanings.I have been using them for like the last 2 years in my own readings. I ALWAYS get stuck on diamonds when they show up in a relationship reading. I will be adding these meanings to my cartomancy notebook :D. Kaph, do you think one day you can do the spiritual meanings of each suit? I have been trying to come up with my own meanings but to be honest I am stumped! I do have the regina russell book and she does have spiritual meanings for each suit but, I feel like she emphasizes too much on the concept of Karma (which I don't strongly agree or disagree with like she does). I know you did a post on curses in modern cartomancy but I am curious to know how you would relate each suit to spirituality.

  7. I remember in one place you mentioned that diamonds can represent written communication & clubs can represent verbal communication. What would a face-to-face communication be indicated by? Would it be same as verbal, clubs?

  8. I find that in person communication can be represented by both diamonds and clubs. For example, a conversation over a meal can be represented by the 5 of Diamonds, and a conversation over drinks can be represented by the 5 of Clubs.

  9. I asked my relationship status. I drew king of clubs. 5 of spades and queen of diamonds. Im married to a k.of cups and im q.of club.

    1. We are each ruled predominantly by a certain court card; but as complex, multifaceted personalities, we can exhibit the qualities of all the suits in our interpersonal relationship. Consider that the suits in your draw represent how each of you is projecting yourselves to each other in the relationship. This seems to be causing some negative energy between you.

  10. Hello,

    I am wondering why the 3 of diamonds represents stalled growth, hot/cold, on again off again? I have been trying to think of the significance or symbolism, numerology, etc, but I can't come to a conclusion.

    Thanks so much, love this blog!

    1. Thank you for your question, and your kind words. The idea of “growth” or “lack of growth” comes from the number 3. The instability is caused by the suit of Diamonds. The Diamonds represent things that are fleeting, or difficult to hold on to— such as money and power and fame and pure energy. The number 3 brings the energy of “growth, “ and the suit of Diamonds scatters that energy, and makes it unstable, fleeting, unbalanced.