Saturday, March 3, 2018

Fate, Destiny and Free Will in Cartomancy

Today's article was inspired by a comment that was left by a reader of the blog. The reader's question is both insightful and multi-layered. Because my answer is rather long winded, I decided to respond in a blog post rather than in the comment section. Here is the reader's question:
You once said somewhere that readings go out to few months, what if I have a “will I ever” type of question such as will I ever have a family/see my ex bf again, can the cards go out that far? Also, if the cards are close to each other & of opposite sex but different suits, does that mean the connection is less significant? For example, I often draw out my ex bf (KD) next to QC in a future position. I’m assuming she’s the new gf. Sometimes, she comes out as the outcome or the middle card when I ask will I ever see him again. Even though QC could represent a friend, I am assuming here she is my rival not helping me. And in outcome position, I read this that he will choose her over me, even though they are not of the same suit. If you could, I’d appreciate to hear your perspective.

This brings up an interesting subject regarding fate vs free will in Cartomancy. Based on my own experiences, both in life and through card reading, I have come to believe that we are each born with a cosmic blueprint that can help us to navigate our lives. This spiritual road map is comprised of events that we are destined to experience. These events are what I speak of when I refer to fate.

Free will is the influence we can exert on these fateful events— how we choose to respond to the challenges, how we attempt to avoid the pitfalls, and how we make use of the opportunities placed in our path. The cards can provide guidance to help us make the best of these karmic influences.

I do find that the cards tend to be more reliable when predicting short-term events that can be influenced by free will. For this reason I set the intention when I read that a card spread will cover 3 to 6 months on average, and 8 months to a year on the outside. Beyond that time frame there are so many factors— actions and events and decisions— that may influence a future event. The cards tend to read the potential for a long-term event to occur based on the current energies only.  A future action could change the course of events leading to an alternate potential outcome. This may result in less reliable accuracy in a long-range card reading.

On the other hand, the cards can be very reliable when predicting long-term events that are destined to be— or not to be. These tend to be major life experiences based on our soul contract with the universal energies. Despite the long time frame, the cards can show us how best to navigate these challenges— or blessings, and make the most of the lessons contained in these fateful events.

So questions such as “will I ever marry?” or “will I ever have children?” tend to deal with destiny, and can often be answered reliably even with an unrestricted outside time frame.  Sometimes the cards will provide suggestions to help facilitate a desired outcome. For example, a pregnancy may only be possible with medical intervention, and the cards would highlight this fact in answer to the question of future children.

Regarding your readings on a possible reconciliation with your ex-boyfriend, it is difficult to make clear judgments without knowing all of the cards influencing these readings. The cards I look for to confirm a reconciliation are the 4 of Hearts (reunion) and/or the 7 of Hearts (second chances). Also the 6 of Hearts (karma) is an important card in relationship readings because it can show a past-life or karmic connection. Another important card to look for is the 9 of Spades (fate) which can also represent karma, and events that are destined to happen. The 9 of Clubs can confirm the correct spiritual path.

Based on your feedback, and assuming that you are generally represented by a different Queen in your readings,  I would tend to agree with your assessment that the Queen of Clubs represents a current or future girlfriend. The fact that she appears in key positions in your spreads suggests to me that she is an impediment to a reconciliation.

I do read significance in the fact that she appears repeatedly as a Club. Whereas the Queen of Hearts would suggest commitment, the Queen of Clubs suggests more of a social relationship such as dating. Also, the Queen of Clubs could possibly represent social relationships in general with women. In other words, casual dating. Again, it is hard to say for sure based on the information you provided. The other thing to note is that the cards falling between your Ex and the Queen will provide a insight into the dynamics of their relationship.

If this situation were part of a reading for a client, I would suggest asking the cards how you might facilitate a reconciliation with your ex. The cards should provide good suggestions if the reconciliation is possible. Otherwise the reading will clearly show that the re-connection is not destined to be.

It is my sincere hope that you find my comments helpful, and that fate will bring the fulfillment of your desire.


  1. I have also been seeing 8S in my romantic readings about my ex which also turned out he had health issues.

  2. Great post as always Kaph. I always look forward to your updates!!! :D Do you think you can possibly do a post in the future on the Eight of Hearts? I always find that card confusing when it comes out in a love reading because I never know if the card is telling me that they have mutual feelings for me/attraction OR if the card is saying they are in a relationship? The reason I ask is because in your meanings (from a long way back) you had under eight of hearts "this card can tell you if the target of your affections is feeling the same way about you" but then later you that it didn't mean a new relationship was on the way but an existing one is there. That if you are asking about a potential love interest it would indicate that they are in a relationship already.

  3. My view of fate is that the universe has a number of possible events in it and it’s by and large our decisions which determine which of many possible events become realized. I don’t see negative things or positive things happening as an inevitable result of predetermined universal fate, but as a result of a combination of the universe’s range of possible outcomes coupled with the choices we make.

    This world view affects how I interpret a number of spades cards; I ignore anything that implies fate taking control and making things bad, but instead interpret the spades as negative things to avoid or negative behavior to no longer engage in. For example, I do not interpret the 7♠ as being a bad unexpected event, but usually as addictive or unhealthy behavior to avoid; I also do not interpret T♠ (ten of spades) as being a bad event controlled by fate, but as, depending on the context one’s fears, obsessions (i.e. unhealthy desires or attractions), subconscious negative desires, or nightmares.

    Let’s take a real reading I recently did:

    T♠ 5♥ 7♠

    Here T♠ + 5♥ represents an unhealthy attraction towards a younger woman, and the 7♠ represents addictive behavior; in other words, looking for happiness by engaging in unhealthy behavior. Since T♠ and 7♠ are two of the most negative cards in the deck, this reading indicates that the querent should quickly let go of any feelings they have towards that woman, or they will get hurt.

  4. Same. I find this one tricky. A post for this one would be particularly helpful :)

  5. Thank you for sharing your point of view on fate. I don't see fate at work in your example reading either. Fate shows itself in specific ways for me, but I respect that some readers do not believe in fate or destiny.

  6. Thank you, Amanda. Yes, I would be happy to do a post featuring the 8 of Hearts. Many people find this card confusing because it can represent emotional reciprocation, but it can also represent a relationship. So much depends on the context of the question and surrounding cards. I really should write an article on the 8's in general because they can all represent people as well as other things...

    8 of Hearts = a loved one
    8 of Diamonds = a relative, can show loveless relationship
    8 of Spades = a doctor
    8 of Clubs = a work colleague

    If you ask if someone has feelings for you, and the 8 of Hearts appears surrounded by other hearts or well-meaning Diamonds or Clubs, it will usually indicate that "the feeling is mutual." If spades or other negative cards appear, the 8 of Hearts is more likely showing that the someone already has a loved one in his/or her life. I hope this helps in the mean time.

  7. Thank you so much for your insights on everything, Kapherus. You are truly gifted.
    I also was wondering about 5D , it is always really difficult reading it.
    I sent you an email on the email address on your Facebook.
    I was wondering if you received it.

  8. Hi Rachel, thank you for your comments. The 5D can be tricky because so many diverse meanings can be ascribed to it. Keep in mind that first and foremost, it is a Diamond which indicates energy and attraction and possession and money. Secondly, it is a five which makes it a bit unstable or volatile in nature. In most cases, I read it as attraction, or as a personal possession. Hope this helps. I don't think I ever received your email.