Wednesday, May 4, 2016

6 of Diamonds

The 6 of Diamonds (6D) combines the connectivity of the number six with the intellectual detachment of the suit of Diamonds, and brings a general sense of restriction to a reading. As such, it can be a tricky card to interpret. Of course the best interpretation will always depend on several key factors... the context of the question, the influence of surrounding cards, and the readers intuition.

When surrounded by Hearts, the 6 of Diamonds will often indicate shyness or withdrawal. It can denote withholding something, or a lack of communication. This is particularly true for questions about love and romance. If you ask "Will he/she call?" and the 6D appears, you can be pretty sure that he/she won't call.

With other Diamonds the 6 of Diamonds will usually show nervousness, or reveal an unsettled situation. For financial questions, this card can be similar to the Some Money card in the Gypsy Fortune Telling deck. It may indicate a small amount of money, usually less than expected or less that what you need. This card can also show a small or moderate success, particularly when it shows up as the outcome of the matter. The end result may not meet your grand expectations, but the outcome could be a lot worse.

When falling with clubs, the 6 of Diamonds can indicate technology and electronic communication. This is the "computer" card, and can represent any electronic or digital device. The standard combination that represents a computer is the 6D + 6C. Specifically, the 6C represents "information or a book," so the combination indicates "an electronic book." If the 8C (the work card) is nearby you're looking at a programmer, or someone who works in information technology.

This card also covers the sciences and social services. For example, the 6D + 3H = occult science or religious science. The 3H is a mystical card that represents the Holy Trinity; and mind, body, spirit.  The 6D+ 9D = psychic sciences (clairvoyance, clairsentience, etc.), and the 6D + 8D = mathematics.

When the 6 of Diamonds is beset by Spades, it can turn ugly and reveal jealousy and possessiveness at worst, or stubbornness and unresponsiveness at best.  The 6D + 2S is the classic combination for jealousy because the 2S adds anger and vindictiveness to the mix.

In health questions the 6 of Diamonds represents the nervous system. With the 2D it can indicate a nervous stomach. If Spades are nearby, particularly the 4 or 8 of Spades, it is probably a stomach ulcer. The 6D, as the technology card, can also represent diagnostic equipment in a health reading.

When appearing next to a court card it can describe that person as timid or shy. It may also reveal a techie or science guy/gal. Beware when the 6 of Diamond falls with the King of Spade. He can be very jealous and possessive. If other Spades are near, he can turn violent and dangerous.

As you can see, the 6 of Diamonds brings restriction or limitation to a reading. It also represents everything related to science and technology. Therefore this card carries many meanings, and requires careful consideration to ensure the best or most appropriate interpretation in a reading.


  1. Thanks so much for taking the time to create the site! It's been helping me learn cartomancy a great deal! I was wondering if 6 of ♦ when it shows up in a yes or no spread for communication that is all or predominantly red would still denote a lack of communication? It seems like it's all quite a mix bag but have yet to come across any real concise information on it. Thank you!

  2. You're welcome. I am glad that the site is helpful. As for the 6 of Diamonds, so much depends on how the accompanying cards influence this card. The 6 of Diamonds is a neutral card in the sense that it becomes positive or negative based on surrounding cards. Keep in mind also that the 6 of Diamonds can indicate communication via computer, such as an online chat, message, or even an email message. The negative meanings associated with this card such as stubbornness, jealousy, withdrawal, lack of communication, etc., would apply when the 6 of Diamonds is surrounded by unfavorable cards-- usually the spades, or other negative cards. It's important to remember that there are other cards of the Diamond suit that are not considered good just because they are red. I'm specifically referring to the 3 of Diamonds, the 8 of Diamonds. These two cards are also neutral, but when they fall together they tend to accentuate their more negative meanings in each other. Hope this helps!

  3. Thank you for getting back to me!

    Yes I do know that not all red cards are positive (and alternatively not all black cards are negative) but I guess the contention with this card during my studying up is what has me confused over what kind of card would be positive enough to sway a 6 of ♦ into being a card of communication versus simply expressing frustration.

    I have two test examples if it's okay to discuss them here!

    The first - (Will I hear from X) 2 of ♣ + 8 of ♣ + 10 of ♥ + J of ♦ + 6 of ♦

    Which is one that I feel especially not sure of since the 6 of ♦ is the ending card. The heart of the reading being 10 of ♥ seems to be able to add a lot of extra positive influence but the 2 of ♣ is also a kind of neutral card that seems to middle the situation.

    The second (Will I hear from Y) seems overall like the 6 of ♦ would point to outright communication:

    K of ♦ + 7 of ♥ + A of ♦ + 6 of ♦ + J of ♥

    Since the heart of the matter is A of ♦ which could be a message that is sent (6 of ♦) between the K of ♦ and J of ♥. However, 7 of ♥ and 6 of ♦ seem to also mirror each other in terms of uncertainty and anxiousness around the idea of communication (Ace of ♦).

    So I'm a little unsure of which way the wind blows for these examples though I could also be reading (ha!) Too much into them!

  4. Hello!
    thank you very much for your insights. I did a reading if he will contact me and i got 8 of clubs, 9 of hearts and 6 of diamonds. Should I consider this a yes?