Cartomancy Meanings: Suit of Hearts

Suit of Hearts

Love, emotions, feelings, romance, marriage, children, happiness, peace, contentment, comfort, compassion, compatibility, sympathy, empathy, sharing, family matters, relationships, friends, intimacy, rest, relaxation, amusement, entertainment, fun, fantasy, summer, warmth, laziness, pleasure, peace, calm, creativity, art, beauty, soul connections, religion, hope, healing, intuition, honesty, trust and goodwill.

Characteristics of the Heart Suit 

Romantic, loving, nurturing, sensitive, sensuous, emotional, intuitive, imaginative, creative, artistic, calm, empathetic, empathic, sympathetic, protective, parental, family-oriented, lovable, light-hearted, lazy, complacent, indulgent, self-indulgent, moody.

King of Hearts

Family man, protective and paternal. Good-natured, affectionate and generous. Male loved one or member of the family. Father, husband, brother, uncle. Passionate, artistic and romantic. Can be lazy or moody.

Queen of Hearts

A kindly maternal woman. Family orientated, mother, wife, sister, aunt. Trustworthy. Passionate, romantic, creative, and artistic. Can be overly sensitive.

Jack of Hearts

A close friend or loved one, brother, son, boyfriend. A good-natured young person of either sex but usually a young male. Actor, artist, poet, student of the arts. Could be immature and emotionally insecure young man.

Ten of Hearts

Victory, emotional fulfillment, happiness, enjoyment, amusement, emotional commitment, marriage, compatibility. Heat, warm weather, summertime.

Nine of Hearts

Wish, hope, dream, aspiration, your wish comes true, success, accomplishment, desires fulfilled, positive outcome.

Eight of Hearts

Mutual feelings, happiness, comfort, sharing with another, togetherness, working together with another, a couple, emotional connection, emotional balance, warmth, enjoyment, relaxation, protection.

Seven of Hearts

Peaceful surroundings, healing, steady improvement, happy surprises, the cycles of life, second chance, opportunity to redo something, things that come in twos.

Six of Hearts

A love relationship, a friendship, emotional security, gallantry, courage, faith, trust, compassion. Emotional connection.  Past life or soul connections.Masculine energy, male lover, brother, son, bachelor, unmarried man. Anything generally associated with the male gender such as a toolbox, tie, facial hair, etc.

Five of Hearts

Feminine energy, woman’s thoughts, frilly things, knitting or sewing, etc. Girly. Female sexuality, intimacy, tenderness, holding hands, physical displays of affection. Right hand or right side, doing right, being right, being truthful, fair, just. Desired opportunity, proposal which brings happiness and success, satisfy ones desires, fulfill a dream.

Four of Hearts

Emotional stability, partnership, marriage, four posts of the marriage bed. Physical union, sexual contact, relationship between two people. the return of a lover, mending of a broken friendship. Party, having fun. A bed, a sofa, a comfortable chair.

Three of Hearts

Love, beauty, happiness, new love relationship (love triangle if surrounded by spades). Creative talent, artistic ability, creative achievement such as poetry or artwork. Fertility, blood and life, prayer, religion, a growing embryo, increase of something beautiful such as blooming flowers,  a developing love affair, a growing child. A small celebration. A job promotion.

Two of Hearts

Love, affection, emotions, a child, pregnancy, expectancy, a pet, emotional excitement, talent, artistic ability, loving exchanges, love letter, good news.

Ace of Hearts

Happiness, the home, residence, family, love, friendship, joy, source, the start of a romance, situations within the home based on surrounding cards. Beginning of emotional period. Positive energy. The soul.


  1. Hi, I have been reading your blog for a while and have been practicing a bit on my own. I have a question about the 5 of Hearts, can it also come up as a woman or the querent if the querent is a woman? I was thinking the mechanics might be the same as the 6 of Hearts for a man. Thank you.

  2. Yes, the 5 of Hearts can represent a young woman in a reading. She is usually unmarried. The 6 of Hearts can represent a young, unmarried man.

  3. Hello dear David,
    Can JH represents a brother at any age?
    Or just under the age of 35 as you wrote in the table of court cards?

    I have been reading your blog and i would be very happy if you keep writing. I hope that you are doing well since you haven't posted here for a while.


    1. Yes, the range of ages for the character cards are a general guideline. There are exceptions. For example, I often find that the J♥️ will represent “a younger brother,” regardless of age. The same applies to the K♥️ as an older brother. The cards tend to make this distinction regardless of age.