Cartomancy Meanings: Suit of Diamonds

Suit of Diamonds

Money, financial matters, possessions, rewards, recognition, success, improved circumstances, energy, electricity, power, science, technology, language, written communication, higher education, independence, restlessness, nerves, optimism, vitality, intellect, imagination, design, plans, spirituality, psychic energy, legal judgments, financial institutions and government.

Characteristics of Diamond Suit

Intelligent, independent, restless, imaginative, extravagant, impulsive, impatient, optimistic, spiritual, dynamic, analytical, speedy, high strung.

King of Diamonds

Intelligent, dynamic, professional man. Restless and energetic, there is usually money around him. He may be a wealthy politician, an account executive, real estate broker, a CPA, an investment banker, or government official. He takes great pride in his professional persona. If he is not careful, he can become consumed by his work, and neglect the other areas of his life. He may be a relative by marriage.

Queen of Diamonds

Intelligent,  imaginative,  energetic, professional  woman  who  is  cultured  and financially secure. She might be a wealthy jet-setter, a celebrity, an account executive, a CPA, a bank manager, or a government official. She may be a relative by marriage.

Jack of Diamonds

Young person of either sex, most often male. Intelligent, energetic, dynamic, a student, relative by marriage. The start of a financial venture, a written message, a message about finances, a financial statement, a check, a receipt, money transfer, a message from your spirit guides, a place for higher learning.

Ten of Diamonds

Satisfaction, success with money, financial security,  a large  sum  of  money,  material wealth, riches, freedom from financial worry. Speed, fuel, nuclear energy, spiritual energy, flight, an airplane, the wind.

Nine of Diamonds

Extra money, a check, a bonus. The brain, mental energy, psychic ability, imagination, electricity, electromagnetic energy. Other people’s wishes and desires that affect or influence the querent. Fame, celebrity. Public office. Bureaucratic red tape when surrounded by unfavorable cards.

Eight of Diamonds

Caution, careful planning, balancing the books, financial restrictions, the need to curtail spending, ups and downs of money management, cycling money, tax planning, numbers and counting.  Person wearing glasses, watchfulness, the eyes.

Seven of Diamonds   
Financial  achievement,  rewards  and  recognition, earned success, steady improvement, efforts rewarded.  Lucky money, wins, pay raise, improved prospects. Nest egg, financial investment, stocks and bonds, e-trading.

Six of Diamonds

Quiet, timidity, shyness, lack of communication, jealousy, possessiveness. Psychology, social services, science and technology, computers, information systems, diagnostic equipment.  Energy surge, vitality, power, electrical shock, horsepower, kinetic energy, nervous energy, adrenaline.

Five of Diamonds

Karma patterns, cause and effect, magnetic attraction, law of attraction, thoughts that create experience. Charisma, animal magnetism, sexuality. Personal space, local area, home environment. Furniture, large personal possessions, property. Speech, the act of speaking, an argument, a legal judgment or court case. City life.

Four of Diamonds

Financial stability, financial papers, rented property, a license, certificate, ticket, bank account, strongbox, checkbook, wallet, jewelry box. An office, a desk.

Three of Diamonds

Small sum of money, a payment, financial growth, partial success, partial effort, part-time work, scattered energy, on again off again, perseverance is needed for success. A lack of focus and/or commitment. In relationship readings it shows fickleness and changeability.

Two of Diamonds

Intellectual exchanges, financial partnerships, small money card, payment made or received. Written correspondence, financial news, a statement or bill, insurance papers, written report. Independence, a fertile imagination, writer, journalist. Financial help or a loan. The stomach, food, the kitchen.

Ace of Diamonds

Written news, letter, message, invitation, important document. New beginning, fresh start, new phase of life, something brand new. A ring, an engagement, life force, fire.