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The Suit of Clubs in Love Readings

Have you ever had a burning love question on your mind, so you throw down some cards, and every darn one of them is a Club? You ask yourself, “what can all of these Clubs possibly mean in a love reading?”

Actually, the suit of Clubs can be good news in a love reading. The Clubs represent the influences that contribute to a strong relationship: communication, social interactions, growth, participation, service, setting goals, action, compromise, understanding, and effort.

Yes, too many Clubs in a love reading with no Hearts can be bad news. The lack of Hearts show a lack of passion. Where is the love? Without the Heart cards to show intimacy and emotional attachment, a predominance of Clubs can refer more to friendship than to romance.

On the other hand, too many Hearts can reveal boredom and laziness in a love reading, and Clubs can add the spice necessary to keep the relationship growing strong. Let’s take a look at how the Clubs can liven up a relationship reading.

Ace of Clubs

In a love reading, the Ace of Clubs will often refer to goals and intentions. It is about taking that first step toward manifesting what we want in our relationship. It’s also about setting patterns, and laying the groundwork for future growth. When you’re confused about how he or she “feels” about the relationship, look to the Ace of Clubs for a clue about your partner’s expectations on a practical level.

Two of Clubs

The 2 of Clubs is all about benefits. It can highlight the pay out you or your partner get from the relationship. With Diamond, the primary benefits could be financial, or even sexual, depending on the specific cards. Spades can warn of a disappointing return on invested time and emotion. But care is needed when interpreting the 2 of Clubs in a love reading because it is also a card of friendships and platonic relationships. If this card shows up without any hearts to show deeper feelings, your crush may be more interested in friendship than true love. Finally, the 2 of Clubs can also represent a gift. It’s been known on more than one occasion to spoil the surprise.

Three of Clubs

The 3 of Clubs describes growth and opportunity. In a love reading, look to the card that follows the 3 of Clubs for insight about where the relationship is headed. The 10 of Hearts would promise wedding bells in the future. The 5 of Spades would show a relationship veering dangerously toward the rocks.

Four of Clubs

In a love reading, the 4 of Clubs can indicate a willingness to compromise. The 4 is about empathy and understanding other people’s point of view. It can show where there is a need for compromise or the need to consider the partner’s side in a discussion or disagreement. The 4 of Clubs is also a primary communications card. If you’re waiting for that special someone to call, this card will confirm contact. Since this card can also represent travel by car, it may predict a romantic outing. Care must be used when interpreting this card in a love spread.

Five of Clubs

The 5 of Clubs is a card of change and good luck. It can show how your feelings of self-worth are affecting your relationship. When accompanied by Spades this card can warn of codependency issues. If surrounded by red cards, the 5 of Clubs will denote a healthy self-sufficiency experienced by each partner in the relationship while they interact as a loving unit.

Six of Clubs

The 6 of Clubs is a major communication card, and communication is a major facet to any healthy relationship. Look to the 6 of Clubs to identify any problems in how you commune with your partner. There is also a sense of taking responsibility with this card. Are both partners fulfilling their responsibilities to each other and to the relationship? The 6 of Clubs can show you.

Seven of Clubs

In love readings, the 7 of Clubs can be tricky to interpret. First, it can denote a need for discussions. If surrounded by Spades, this card can denote arguments and a difficult patch in the relationship. It is always about evaluating and deciding whether to stick it out or ditch the relationship. When accompanied by Hearts, this card can show that you’re really trying to make things work. It can indicate fixing whatever is broken or not working in the relationship.

Eight of Clubs

The 8 of Clubs is predominantly a work card. Like the 7 of Clubs it can show working on things, but it can also reveal if your job is causing problems in your relationship. The 8 of Clubs is also another communication card, but it can also represent your routine. When followed by Spades the 8 of Clubs can warn you that your relationship is in a rut.

Nine of Clubs

The 9 of Clubs is another tricky card to interpret in a love reading. On the one hand it represents progress and forward movement, but it also a card of distance. Has he or she been acting distant lately? The 9 of Clubs can show you why. When surrounded by positive cards, the 9 of Clubs can indicate a long-distance relationship. But let’s not forget that all of the Clubs still carry their primary meanings even in a love reading. The 9 of Clubs may simply show a chance to get away to revitalize the relationship.

Ten of Clubs

The 10 of Clubs is another journey card. Like the 9 of Clubs, it can reveal a romantic getaway, or it can highlight a long-distance relationship. Whereas the 9 of Clubs might show an emotional distance, the 10 of Clubs is almost always about a physical distance.

The Club Court Cards

If your love interest shows up in the reading as a Club Court Card, there’s a good chance his or her primary interest is not true love— unless of course he or she is surrounded by Hearts. Otherwise, look to the surrounding cards to identify this person’s true motivations. Diamonds may describe a gold digger, or they might also describe someone whose primary interest is in sex. Beware of surrounding Spades. They can show an ulterior motive not aligned with the querent’s best interests.

The Clubs can reveal the cement that holds a relationship together. Is the relationship built on a strong foundation, or is it weak and crumbling? That is message of the suit of Clubs in a love reading.

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