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The Death Card - Ace of Spades

Ace of Spades

The Death Card (Ace of Spades) is probably the most misunderstood card in the deck.  Many people fear the Death Card, and I’ve actually heard clients gasp audibly when I’ve turned the card over in a reading.  It’s unfortunate that the Ace of Spades gets such a bad rap.  In practice, it rarely predicts physical death, and it is one of the more hopeful of all the Spades.

The Aces begin their respective suits, and are associated with the symbolic meanings of the number one.  The number one represents beginnings and fresh starts, and all of the Ace bring new people, places, and things into the querent’s life.  The Ace of Spades is the only Ace that also represents an ending, and a new beginning through a loss, removal or release.  I say that the Ace of Spades is hopeful because it represent a transformation and a re-building, or a re-commitment after the loss. 

Specifically, the Ace of Spades is symbolic of the mind.  It represents those things that affect the mind such as worry, conflicting ideas, and decisions.  When the Ace of Spades appears in a layout, it will usually highlight whatever issues are currently pressing on the querent’s mind.  In most cases the matter involves a choice or decision to be made, or some action to be taken.

The Ace of Spades With Hearts:

The position of the Ace of Spades will determine the timing of the influence.  If Ace of Spades is followed by a heart, it indicates that querent has experienced an emotional transformation in the past, and is re-building anew.  Conversely, when the Ace of Spades follows the heart, the querent may be currently facing emotional turmoil which will require a choice or decision to be made.  The positioning of the cards in the spread will also provide a clue as to whether the action occurs in the past, present or future.

For example, the 4 of Hearts followed by the Ace of Spades would indicate that the querent faces a decision regarding the reconciliation of a marriage, romantic relationship, or friendship.  I have found this to be a very common combination that appears when the querent is undecided about whether to end the relationship, or give it another go.  When the Ace of Spades is followed by the 4 of Hearts, it usually indicates a reconciliation after a very rocky period.  It would denote a re-commitment to the partner after the decision is made to stick it out and make the relationship work.

The Ace of Spades With Clubs:

Clubs represent the practical aspects of life such as work, and how we use our free time every day.  The Ace of Spades followed by a Club would indicate a pending decision regarding work, study, or play.  If the Ace of Spades holds the initial position in the 3-Card Layout, it indicate that querent is the one making the decision.  In the middle position, the decision may be mutual after discussion and deliberation.  In the final position, the decision may be made by someone else, but the results of the decision would directly influence the querent based on the information provided by the surrounding cards.

A very common card combination that I see a lot in my readings is the 5 of Clubs followed by the Ace of Spades.  The  5 of Clubs is an action card that denotes taking the reins in a situation to resolve a challenge or concern.  The  5 of Clubs + Ace of Spades would indicate that the querent is struggling with the decision about whether or not to take control of a situation.  The cards surrounding this combination will offer clues as to the nature of the decision, and will describe the matter at hand.  The 5 of Clubs falling last would indicate that the querent has already made the decision to take action and handle the issue.  The surrounding cards will provide specific information about the situation that requires attention.

The Ace of Spades With Diamonds:

Diamonds represent the material world, and how we make use of our physical and mental powers.  The Ace of Spades followed by a Diamond would denote a decision regarding finances, personal resources, or personal power.  

For example, the Ace of Spades followed by the 8 of Diamonds would indicate a decision to bring one’s financial situation into balance.  The querent faces an important decision regarding planning for the future in terms of saving or investing money.  When the Ace of Spades falls last, it indicates financial worries, and denotes that the querent may be forced to tighten the purse strings due to some financial setback or reversal.

The Ace of Spades With Other Spades:

When the Ace of Spades is surrounded by other spades, it reveals its nastier meanings such as anger, resentment,  anxiety, despair, depression, mental illness, and feeling overburdened by worries.

The Ace of Spades can represent “the mind” in a clinical sense, and with the 4 of Spades it can denote depression or mental illness.  The 8 of Spades is another health card that can represent a doctor, and with the Ace of Spades it can refer to a mental health specialist such as a psychiatrist or psychologist.

The Ace of Spades with the 3 of Spades shows mental confusion, hazy thinking, or someone who is scatterbrained.  The Ace of Spades with the 10 of Spades can indicate obsessive or compulsive behavior.  With the 9 of Spades the Ace of Spades can denote thoughts of self sabotage, and when the 5 of Spades appears in the mix, it may be a warning that someone is thinking of doing physical harm to him or herself.  A very common combination is the Ace of Spades + 7 of Spades which would indicate intoxication or being under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

The Ace of Spades With Other Aces:

In addition to their specific symbolic meanings, all of the Aces also represent new beginnings and making a fresh start.  When combined with the Ace of Spades, the new beginning is a rebirth or rebuilding after a loss or release of some kind.  Two Aces always denote a major life change, and when the Ace of Spades is included, the transformation usually includes a life lesson.  With the Ace of Hearts it reveals an emotional rebirth after a period of mourning.  With the Ace of Diamonds it would represent a rebuilding of one’s financial status after a major setback or reversal.  With the Ace of Clubs the combination would indicate the rebuilding of a social or business situation.  The position of the Ace of Spades in relation to the other Ace will determine if the renewal has already been accomplished, or must be still be faced.

Of course the symbolic meanings of these combinations would still apply as an additional interpretation for each combination.  For example,

A + A =  concern over a family matter, or a decision regarding the home
A + A =  decision regarding some important paperwork
A + A = concern over whether or not to accept an invitation, or worry over some news or a message.

It’s important to keep in mind that the cards can be interpreted on various levels, and each interpretation would be valid and pertinent to a different area of the querent’s life.  Very often one or another of the interpretations will make more sense in answering the querent’s specific question.

The Ace of Spades With a Face Card:

When the  Ace of Spades falls with a Face Card (Court Card), it does not generally predict that person’s immediate demise.  :)   It would simply indicate that the person depicted by the Face Card is influenced by the concern or decision represented by the  Ace of Spades.  Generally, if the  Ace of Spades falls to the right of the Face Card, the decision would be made by the person represented by the card.  If the  Ace of Spades falls to the left, the decision will be made by the querent, but it will affect the person represented by the Face card in some way.

When Does the Ace of Spades mean Death? 

The Ace of Spades can indicate death of the physical body, but only in combination with other Spades which denote loss, separation, and removal such as the 2 of Spades, 5 of Spades or 6 of Spades.  For more detailed information about reading death in the cards, please check out my previous post on Death in the Cards. 

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