Monday, September 23, 2019

Musings on the 8 of Hearts

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I’ve received several requests from students to share my musings on the 8 of Hearts. This particular Heart card can be tricky to interpret— especially in a love reading—because of its various shades of meaning. But before we contemplate the 8 of Hearts specifically, it may be help full to first take a general look at all of the eights in the modern system of cartomancy.

In traditional cartomancy— specifically in the Italian tradition— the eights can represent people. This is likely due to the fact that the regional decks of southern Italy, which come from the Spanish playing card tradition, are comprised of only 40 cards. The eights represent women, the nines represent horsemen, and the tens represent the Kings. These are the Court Cards in the Traditional Regional decks. So by tradition the eights represent women. Most notably the 8 of Hearts can represent a fair-haired woman, and the 8 of Spades a dark-haired woman, often with revenge in her heart and mind. In Modern Cartomancy, the 8 of Spades is the doctor (male or female). The 8 of Clubs can be a work colleague. The 8 of Diamonds can be a person who is related, usually a distant relative or someone related through marriage rather than blood, and the 8 of Hearts is a loved one and protector. Often in a relationship readings, we will find that the 8 of Hearts will represent a significant other, or the couple as a unit.

The 8 of Hearts is a very positive card. It represents good health and emotional fulfillment. It brings justice and balance, as all of the eights do, and specifically emotional balance to any situation. Specifically the 8 of Hearts represents compatibility and cooperation. When the 8 of Hearts falls in the outcome position of a spread, it indicates that the end result will be fair and just for all parties concerned. The 8 of Hearts represents a meeting of hearts, and it brings harmony to any troubled situation.

In relationship readings, the 8 of Hearts represents "love reciprocated." If you want to know if your crush is also crushing on you, look for the 8 of Hearts and the accompanying cards. The 8 of Hearts shows harmony in any relationship, it indicates getting along together. But beware if this card falls with the 3 of Spades. It can warn of a love triangle. As I already mentioned, the 8 of Hearts can refer to the significant other. Pay close attention if the 8 of Hearts precedes a Face Card. It can clue you into the fact that a potential lover is already involved in a romantic relationship. Of course this should be confirmed by the other cards in the spread. Generally, if the 8 of Hearts follows the Face Card, it would show that the person shares a mutual interest. If you want to know if a lover will return, the 8 of Hearts as the outcome card is a definite "yes."

In a work reading, the 8 of Hearts talks about team-building and teamwork. It represents getting along harmoniously with your boss and co-workers. Of course with other supporting cards from the Heart Suit, the 8 of Hearts can reveal an office romance.

In spiritual readings, the hearts refer to devotion and religion, though not necessarily spirituality. Generally, spirit is better represented by the Suit of Diamonds. It can be a subtle distinction, but Hearts represent the soul, and Diamonds represent the spirit. The 8 of Hearts can represent a guardian angel, or the figure of a saint, generally from a religious point of view. In my personal readings, the 8 of Hearts will often appear to represent a religious figure. I was raised Catholic with a good bit of Italian-American mysticism thrown in, so I still petition the help of the saints when I pray. The saint will sometimes appear as the 8 of Hearts in a reading to provide an answer to my request.

In a health reading, the 8 of Hearts represents the major arteries in the body. To read a health meaning for this card, the context of the question must be health-related, or one of the health cards (4 or 8 of Spades) must fall near the 8 of Hearts. If another Spade follows, it can indicate a blockage in the artery. But remember that the 8 of Hearts is generally a card of good health. So in a health reading pay close attention to the cards that fall nearby, and particularly to the card order. For example, the combination 8 of Spades + 8 of Hearts will more likely refer to a return to health than any blood flow problem.

Unless it is besieged by Spades, the 8 of Hearts is a positive addition to any reading. In a daily card draw it can refer to spending time and having fun with family and/or friends. Keep in mind that the 8 of Hearts refers mainly to fulfilled emotions. If you ask if you'll hit the lottery jackpot, and the 8 of Hearts falls as your outcome, it's likely telling you that you have the same chance as everyone else to win or lose.


  1. Hi, thank you for writing so many useful articles. Probably the best website on the internet for this sort of thing.

    I have a question; in your blog post ( you mentioned that the ace of diamonds could be a ring. I did a reading, "Will me and x have a future together?", and got the card. Could this indicate marriage?

    Also, please don't stop posting. You help a lot of people.


    1. Thank you for your supportive comments! I very much appreciate the feedback. As for the Ace of Diamonds, it can predict an engagement, but so much depends on surrounding cards. I always look for cards to support the prediction of engagement or marriage.

  2. I read tdm style tarot, and I'm always interested to read card meanings, especially from the Italian and Spanish traditions. Thank you for this article on the 8 of hearts, which as a tarot reader, I associate with 8 of cups. I always appreciate new ways if looking at numbers and suits.

    1. You are very welcome, Marilyn. Thank you for your comments. I have found that so many of the traditional playing card meanings, as well as the tarot meanings, stem from Etteila's original meanings for the minor arcana. Legend suggests that Etteilla learned cartomancy from an Italian card reader, so it makes sense why there are so many similarities between the traditional systems. The system I use came from my grandmother, who originally learned to read the Italian playing cards, and Dr. Leo Louis Martello who picked up his meanings in Sicily, and which I suspect were also based on traditional Italian cartomancy.

  3. Hi Kapherus!

    For a health reading, I got a line that started with 8H but then got scary:

    8H As (reversed!!) 3C 3S JH

    The As with the 3s I believe can indicate a bad growth- such as cancer? The 2 3s could also indicate something spiritual? There was no Yes/No question asked- just:

    What is there to know health-wise?

    Does that JH diminish the blow a bit?

    Thanks for your input, if possible, of course!


    1. I would not panic with only one other spade falling with the Ace. The 8♥️ Suggests that your health is fine, although you seem to be worried about something. Perhaps getting a cold or the flu. The 3♠️ can also refer to a virus. Do you smoke? It could also refer to smoking with the 3♣️ referring to tobacco or other  kinds of plants. The JH ending the line is a good sign. If you do get sick, it likely not serious, and you’ll recover.

  4. In the beginning, i would like to thank you for this website. i've been looking for a good resource to learn from, and i've finally found it.

    Do you sometimes use the 8's to read as women? Or not?

    Last but not least, i will be more than happy if you keep posting cards meanings and share your knowledge.

    1. Thank you! I’m happy you find my blog helpful on your Cartomancy journey! Yes, I do sometimes read the 8’s as woman. The 8♥️ Is fair haired or a family member. The 8♣️ Is a brunette or a trusted friend. The 8 ♦️Is an older woman. And the 8♠️ is a woman who brings trouble. These are based on the older traditional meanings of the cards. 😉