Friday, September 27, 2019

Locating Lost Objects with Cartomancy

I have found the playing cards to be wonderful for helping me to locate lost or missing objects. I have also used them successfully for locating missing pets and missing people. Each card can denote several possible locations.

I find it best to keep it simple and draw only three cards to specifically ask for the location of something lost. Additional cards will usually show the circumstances surrounding the missing object, and can be incorrectly interpreted to indicate too many possible locations. The cards can be combined to refine the description of the location. Here are the most common location meanings I use for each of the 52 playing cards:


Ace of Diamonds – fireplace, heater, stove, with important papers
2 of Diamonds – kitchen, where food is stored or prepared
3 of Diamonds – workplace, workshop, work space
4 of Diamonds – home office, den, desk, safe, jewelry box, strong box
5 of Diamonds – dining room, sideboard, a large piece of furniture
6 of Diamonds – computer, electronic equipment, wiring
7 of Diamonds – with important financial papers
8 of Diamonds – pantry, cabinets, storage room
9 of Diamonds - in someone else’s possession, near electrical outlet
10 of Diamonds - near windows or air vents, to the west 
Diamond Face Cards - people around the lost object, usually professional people


Ace of Clubs – downstairs, basement, underneath something, low to the ground
2 of Clubs – backpack, purse, bag
3 of Clubs – hallway, staircase, yard, near house plants
4 of Clubs – in the car, in the garage, by the telephone, under or around a table.
5 of Clubs – in a bar or restaurant
6 of Clubs – library, bookcase, television, radio
7 of Clubs – closet, shoe box, sock drawer, footwear 
8 of Clubs – the workplace
9 of Clubs – outside the home, a distance away
10 of Clubs – a place of business, near water, washing machine, dishwasher, etc., to the east 
Club Face Cards - people involved with or around the lost object, can be co-workers or acquaintances


Ace of Hearts – in the home, room where the family gathers
2 of Hearts – child’s room, with pet’s toys, where you expect it to be.
3 of Hearts – where beauty supplies, or crafting supplies are kept
4 of Hearts – bedroom, sofa, easy chair, bedding
5 of Hearts – notions, fabrics, clothing, pockets, clothes closet or drawer
6 of Hearts – where tools are stored, with men’s products, where you have already looked.
7 of Hearts – near where the item belongs
8 of Hearts – living room, family room
9 of Hearts – hope chest, item will be found
10 of Hearts – on a high shelf, upstairs, the attic, the roof, a sunny area, to the south
Heart Face Cards - people involved with or around the lost object, usually a family member or close friend


Ace of Spades – gone, lost, stolen, cannot be found
2 of Spades – refrigerator, freezer
3 of Spades – lost, stolen, may be damaged or broken
4 of Spades – medicine cabinet, cupboard, closet, box
5 of Spades – lost, may be broken
6 of Spades – in the car or other vehicle, in the bathroom, in the garbage
7 of Spades – under the sink, near water pipes, medicine chest, liquor cabinet
8 of Spades – laundry room, workshop
9 of Spades – the item may be ruined or destroyed
10 of Spades – downstairs, on the floor, underneath furniture, buried or hidden from view, to the north
Spade Face Cards - people involved with or around the lost object, can be someone sneaky or unhelpful

I once had a client contact me for help with finding her lost wedding ring. I don't recall all of the cards that appeared in her reading, but I do remember the Ace of Diamond which specifically refers to a ring. I took that as a sign that the lost ring would be found. The other card that stands out in my mind is the 4 of Hearts which can refer to a bed or the bedroom. The client searched her bed and bedroom, but did not find the ring. The ring finally turned up in the laundry. Her husband was washing the bedding and found the ring that must have been trapped somewhere in the bed sheets!


  1. Does any one card have greater significance in the three-card spread? Do the other cards modify that...or do all three cards bear equal wait.

    1. Normally I use the middle card as the focus for a card trio, but I find that when reading on a lost object, the main location can appear in any position. Often the first card will provide the basic location, and the following pair will refine the details. It can be tricky, which is why I suggest no more than three cards for this kind of inquiry.

  2. Could I practice this with a friend hiding something at her house? (Apologies if posted twice)

    1. Yes. In fact I developed most of these meanings many years ago when I hosted a cartomancy forum. On the forum we had an ongoing game where one person would take a turn hiding an object, and everyone else would draw playing cards to see if they could locate the item. It was fun, and the accuracy was impressive.