Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Mastering Modern Cartomancy

So you want to master Modern Cartomancy… where do you begin? There are 52 playing cards, and each card carries a multitude of meanings. The playing card suit symbolism must also be understood because the suits determine how the cards interact in a spread. Then there is also the number symbolism which can add important significance to the overall interpretation of a cartomancy card layout. Other than the suit symbols, there are no images to help with memorizing all of this information. It can be overwhelming for the beginning cartomancer.

Do not be discouraged. There is an easy way I’ve found to master the playing cards through regular practice by analyzing the simple three-card spread. I advise drawing three cards every morning for insight into the coming day. Analyze the cards for all the possible meanings that come to mind. Contemplate the cards individually and in combination. Suit interactions and overall intuitive impressions should also be noted. Get a feel for what the cards mean before referring to a book or your notes. Record the resulting interpretations in a cartomancy journal including significant internal and external influences such as time of day, weather, moon phase, moon sign, mood, etc.

You will discover that mood can have an effect on the cards you draw. You may find that your readings are clearer during certain times of the moon phase or when the moon is in a particular zodiac sign. You might be surprised by how often the weather will appear in your daily cards.

Shuffle the cards while you focus on your question. I like to ask, “What will I experience today?” If you prefer a more structured reading, you can decide ahead of time to apply special significance to each card position, such as “morning, noon, night” or “past, present future” or “premise, situation, outcome.” I prefer to keep the reading fluid and allow the cards to speak to me freely.

Then at the end of the day examine your cards to determine how they reflect the energies of your day, and which of your predictions prove accurate. When something occurs in your day that was clearly predicted in the cards, but you missed seeing that morning, consider it a valuable learning experience. The next time this card combination appears, you will automatically remember the new interpretation.

If you find that you are unable to relate the events of your day to the cards, keep referring back to the reading over the coming week. Sometimes the predictions in a cartomancy daily draw can take up to a week to manifest in your life. Meditate on the particularly challenging combinations. Your Higher Self is fluent in the language of the cards.

As you continue this practice, you will easily assimilate the card meanings, and the subtle ways the cards interact in a spread. The experience you gain will enable to you tackle larger card spreads with ease. In time this daily practice will help you build new card associations. You will move beyond the meanings you learned in a book, and begin to develop your own personal meanings for the cards (To get you started, my two favorite resources for Modern Cartomancy card meanings are It’s Written in the Cards by Dr. Leo Louis Martello, and The Card Reader’s Handbook by Regina Russell).

An Example of a Daily Card Analysis from My Own Cartomancy Journal

Date: January 19, 2015
Time: 8:34 a.m.
Moon Phase: waxing (one day away from new moon)
Moon Sign: 15° Capricorn
Weather: chilly and clear
Mood: feeling calm and creative

Question: What will I experience today?
Daily Card Draw:
10 of Clubs, 6 of Spades, 2 of Clubs


Predominately clubs = active day, dealing with practical matters.
Clubs + Spades = service and sacrifice… taking care of work responsibilities and social obligations. 10C and 6S are both cards of movement—travel, making progress.

10C = travel, business, commerce, boat, water, sink, beach, rain
6S = progress, cleansing, moving forward, transportation, car, move, ending, relocation, bathroom, garbage, responsibilities
2C = help, benefits, service, work, employee, wheels, and tires

10C + 6S = a trip by car, a boat, bathroom sink, bathtub, drain, garbage disposal, rain storm, beach erosion, business responsibilities, a business trip, a business move/relocation, moving forward with a business deal, plumber, car dealership, hardware store.

6S + 2C = car mechanic, car tires, bicycle, motorcycle, bathroom work, plumber, sanitation worker, moving forward/making progress brings benefits.

10C + 6S + 2C = a plumber provides service, cleaning the bathroom, help with a car trip, car tire dealership, trip by bicycle or motorcycle, cruise ship employee, moving forward with a business plan brings benefits. I receive help with moving my business forward.

Immediate Impressions:

Today is a good day to move forward with practical plans, and take care of any work responsibilities or social obligations. I already plan to scrub the bathroom tub today, so perhaps that will be the highlight of my day. Yes, the daily cards can really be that mundane.

End of Day Observations:

Well, I did end up scrubbing my bathtub today as planned (the 10C represents water and also the bathtub, the 6S is the bathroom and also cleaning, and the 2C is benefits, or a service provided).

I also had a phone client ask me if I offered distance cartomancy mentoring. Up until now I’ve only ever offered classes and mentoring in person. The request got me thinking about the possibility of expanding my cartomancy mentoring service outside of my local area. I would say that qualifies as receiving a helpful (2C) suggestion about moving forward (6S) with a business plan (10C). It’s not an earth-shattering validation (daily cards rarely are), but it is certainly relevant based on the cards.

It’s not unusual for the cards to mean more than one thing, and for two or more interpretations to prove valid and accurate. I will stay alert over the next few days for any experiences or events that may also be predicted by today’s cartomancy card draw.


  1. thank you David for your precious advices, I would like very much to do a distance cartomancy course with you, but my english isn't perfect, isnt' fluently, I can only read slowly your words , your advices. Grazie

  2. Thanks Kapherus! I love your explanations, and I share these post in my cartomancy page via Facebook. I always learn something reading your posts.

  3. Thanks Kaph for another wonderful post. I do daily drawings on a regular basis and I indeed learned a lot with them. I do not observe mood, phases of moon, etc. I may add this to my daily drawings! Thanks!

  4. Hello Kapherus. I'm using your method on my readings from the time i startes and i learned a lot through your posts. But recently i did a spread the other day and i'd appreciate a little help if this is possible. My question for this answer spread was if he will communicate with me and i got these cards:
    2s Jd Ac
    Ah 9h 6c

    I think that the answer is positive, although i'm kinda confused on what Jd represents on this spread. Can he be a messenger or represents him as a person? I also read on previous posts that you did about the pivot card to be the time of when it will happen, in this case can i do this?

    I would really appreciate it if you will help me
    Thanks in advance

  5. Thank you Kaph. I found this post very helpful and will certainly implement the advice given.

  6. this is so helpful, thanks! I have kept a cartomancy journal off and on, but I really like the details you suggest! Will definitely try these :)

  7. That sounds like a great way to take baby steps and focus on interpreting and reflecting on a small number of cards. Does your daily draw stay true to that day's occurrences? I notice I will ask a very simple question for the day and sonething that happens days later seems to relate more to what I had drawn. It could also be that I'm not interpreting the cards correctly since they could have multiple meanings. 😄

  8. I just found your site and think it's very informative. Do you offer consultations by phone?

  9. Hi, Ann... yes, I notice too that the daily cards do not always relate to the exact day, but may refer to something in the works that will manifest in a day or two. I chalk it up to the idea that the restriction of time, as we experience it in three-dimensional reality, does not exist on the inner planes whence comes the messages we read in the cards.

  10. Thanks, roseshannon. I'm happy to know that my article has inspired you. :)

  11. Thank you, Andrew. I'm happy to know that the post was helpful. :)

  12. The Jack of Diamonds may also represent "his thoughts." The cards suggest to me that you are on his mind, and he does have intentions (AC) to communicate (6C) with you. I don't get a definite sense of timing in these cards, but despite the separation and whatever bad feelings (2S) between you, there is still an emotional connection (AH). I hope you have your communication soon!

  13. Hi Moneque,
    Yes, I do offer phone consultations. If you send me an email, I will forward the information: cartomancy at gmx dot com. Thanks for you interest! :)

  14. Ciao Kapherus, leggere i suoi post è un grande piacere, lei ha il dono di saper spiegare in maniera semplice e chiara...anche per me che uso il traduttore! Sto imparando molto, grazie per la disponibilità ! Sandra
    Hello Kapherus, read his post is a great pleasure, she has the gift of being able to explain in a simple and clear ... for me I use the translator! I'm learning a lot, thanks to the availability! Sandra

  15. grazie, Sandra per i commenti meravigliosi. Mi fa piacere che le mie parole sono utili.

  16. Very nice way to combine the meanings and suits. Hopefully with practice I'll be able to flow like this! I pulled a daily the other day and when seeing it, it looked confusing but when my day played out it was right on point!

  17. Hi Caplerus, i found today your site and i like it very much, you explain very well and friendly!
    I have noticed that in this daily card analisys you didn't mind about the fact that there are 3 black cards... Based on the color of the cards, it would be a bad day i guess... I would like to ask you, why you did not look at the color of the card? Thanks very much!

  18. Thank you! I don't see the clubs as being necessarily bad. They can indicate work and effort, but also social activities. For me, spades are the problem cards. If two spades had appeared instead of the clubs, I would expect a more challenging day.

  19. I am still learning how to read cards, I find it very interesting so I learn every day. I took your advice about practicing, and yesterday I tried the three cards spread for the very first time, but I struggled a bit to interpret them (I found it hard to combine card B with card C)

    I asked what can I expect later in the day?
    I got 7H 6S JH.

    Please, what do you think?

    1. The 7♥️ represents either a happy surprise, or having a good time. The 6♠️is movement toward a friend or family member, represented by the J♥️. Maybe a nice visit coming up with a good friend.