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Timing a Prediction in a Cartomancy Reading

The accurate timing of events in a reading can be tricky because time as such does not exist on the inner planes, and the outcome of any situation may be influenced by freewill as expressed by a multitude of factors including the choices, decision, actions (or even non-actions) of the querent. Despite these various influences, the cards will often provide hints to when a prediction may materialize, and there are different methods for determining the timing of events in a cartomancy reading.

The Astrological Timing Method

One method I have found to be fairly reliable is to use astrological correspondences for the card suits. In this system, each suit is assigned to one of the four elements: fire, water, air or earth. In turn, the elements are linked to signs of the zodiac. So if we assign the element of water to the suit of Hearts, the Heart cards will represent the water signs of the zodiac: Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces. Thereby, a predominance of cards of the suit of hearts in a reading will indicate a time frame based on one of the water zodiac signs, usually the next in the natural order of progression. For example, a predominance of Hearts in a reading done today on March 29th would suggest a time frame of late June or early July, which is when we enter the next water sign: Cancer.

My Timing Method

My preferred method is to use each playing card suit to represent a specific measure of time ranging from fastest to slowest. For example, Diamonds symbolically represent energy and electricity, and would therefore denote the fastest time frame. Spades represent delays, and are generally slow-moving, so Spades represent the slowest time frame. Here is a breakdown of each suit in reference to timing:

SuitSymbolismTime FrameTime Measurement
DiamondsSpeed, energy, thoughtFastest time frameMinutes or hours
ClubsAction, activity, progressFast time frameHours or days
HeartsPeace, calm, relaxationSlow time frameDays or weeks
SpadesObstacles, setbacks, delaysSlowest time frameWeeks, Months or Years

In a card layout, the combination of the suits will offer a clue as to the timing of an event predicted in the cards. It’s not an exact science, but the ratio of card suits will allow for estimation that I have found to be quite accurate.

Specific Guidelines

  • This timing system works best with a row of cards—at least three cards, but no more than five cards.

  • I ask the cards specifically, “When will “X” happen.” For example, “When will the package arrive?”

  • Diamonds have the weakest influence, and Spades exert the strongest influence on timing. Clubs and Hearts are both moderate influences. For example, if you have a spread with 4 cards from the Diamond suit, and one card from the suit of Spades, the timing would weeks. If you had 4 Hearts or Clubs and one Spade, the timing would be months.

  • The Court cards may denote a specific measurement of time, or they may also indicate that the timing is dependent on the particular person represented by the card—very often the querent him or herself.

  •  The cards themselves can be interpreted to provide more information regarding the event in question.

  •  If the timing shows an extreme amount of time such as 10 or more years, I look to the cards to see if they predict a positive outcome. If yes, then the answer is “it will take a year or more.” If no, then the answer is “never.”

  • The final card in a row of cards is the outcome card, and will bear the strongest influence on timing.


Now we will illustrate the process with an example. Let’s say you have the following row of 5 cards that predict a specific event, and you want to know when the event will materialize.

KC + 2H + 6D + 7H + 8C

Here we are concerned only with the timing. The final card, which represents the outcome of the reading, will carry more weight than the preceding cards in determining the timing. In this case we find a Club ending the row. The Club represents a fast time frame of hours or days. Now we look to the other cards to help us determine if the Club represents hours or days. The additional Club (King of Clubs) in the reading supports the idea of hours or days, but the two cards of the Heart suit extend the timing to days or weeks. As an average, it would seem that days would be the best answer, although the one card of the Diamond suit (6 of Diamonds) would bring a small burst of speed. My feeling is that the 8 days suggested by the 8 of Clubs could be shortened to 7 days based on that Diamond, giving me the final answer that the event will materialize within one week.

An Actual Reading

To further illustrate this method of timing, let’s take a look at an actual reading that I did recently for a client who wanted to know when she would receive her tax refund. She had submitted the tax return forms via an online program more than a month previously, and the request has been in pending status ever since.

The reading was given on March 25, 2014.
Question: When will I receive my tax refund?

10D + 9H + 7C + 4C + 3H

First we’ll do a breakdown of the general message in the cards. The 10 of Diamonds represents a goodly sum of money, and the 9 of Hearts is the wish card. The client wishes for her tax refund, which will be a several thousand dollars. So we can see immediately that the cards are accurately tuned in to our question.

The 7 of Clubs represents an evaluation, and the 4 of Clubs is a telephone call or a wire transfer. The client confirms that she expects the refund to be deposited directly into her checking account. The cards show that the refund has been evaluated, and the transfer is imminent. The final card (3 of Hearts) is a minor wish card which denotes happiness and satisfaction. The client will get her wish, and she will be quite pleased with the outcome.

Now let’s take a look at the combination of suits to get an idea of when the client will receive the refund. The card ending the row is from the suit of hearts, which would indicate days or weeks. We have an additional Heart (9 of Hearts) to confirm that time frame, but we also have two Club cards which will speed up the timing. Rather than weeks, the Clubs suggest days. The three as the final card would suggest 3 days, but that one card of the Diamond suit will speed up the time frame just a bit more, likely affecting the number days only since the influence of Diamonds is weak. From these cards I predicted that that the refund will show up in the client’s bank account within the next two days.

The client called me back the following morning to let me know that the cards were right; her refund was deposited that morning.


  1. Dear mr Kapherus,
    Every post of yours is very informative and helpful for us.
    I was wondering if there is a method about finding initials of names in the cards-L.Martello 's book mentions something but is not detailed-and i unfortunately failed in all my tries with other methods.

    Thank you in advance.

  2. And i forgot to say...please inform us about your book.

  3. Hello Moiramas,

    Thank you for your kind feedback on my post. Sadly, other than simply picking up on names and initials psychically, I do not have a good system for finding letters in the cards. I think Dr. Martello presents a viable system based on the Pythagorean numerological/letter correspondences, but like you I myself have not had much luck personally with his method.

    I have found with my own readings that when the querent asks specifically for a letter or initial, I will take a moment to relax and look over the card spread. Often a card number will suddenly suggest a letter very clearly. For example, the number 5 might suddenly suggest the letter "S." Or the number 9 suggests an upside down letter "b." Or the number 3 will look like a backward letter "E." This has happened to me on several occasions with remarkable accuracy. But on the occasions when I have tried to use this method without being asked specifically by the querent for an initial, it has failed miserably. :(

    Sorry I could not be more help with this subject, and I will definitely keep you updated on my book. :)


  4. Mr Kapherus,thank you very much for your reply.
    I did have some tries on this method for timing,and i am so exctited about it...i already post a try of mine in C. forum.
    But i have a question if you can help one 'when' reading,the last card was Queen of heart.
    The Heart could denote days or weeks? The Queen could represent number 13?
    Generally Court cards as last card,could suggest numbers?

  5. Hi Moiramas,
    I'm glad you find this timing method helpful. Yes, the Queen of Hearts can represent 12 days or 12 weeks depending on whether it falls with fast or slow cards. But it is also helpful to keep in mind that a face card falling last may indicate that the timing is not set and may be influenced by the person represented by the court card. For example, as a female the Queen of Hearts may represent you, and indicate that you have the power to influence the timing of the event in question. Or she may represent another person who may play an important role in the matter. This is often true when a spade court card appears showing that the person represented by the card is blocking or delaying the event. In practice, I have found that with fast cards, the heart courts will usually indicate 2 weeks. With slow cards, they may predict something a year away. I hope this helps answer your questions.


  6. Your reply is very helpful,and has cleared and resolved the mystery with court cards.
    Thank you

  7. Hello mr Kapherus,
    If you have time to reply to my comment...
    I did a spread asking when.
    8 spade,A heart,7 club, K spade,7 spade
    All these spades confused me...
    It could mean 7 years?or the club influence it a little at least?

  8. Hi Moiramas,

    The Spades show obstacles and delays are affecting the timing, or perhaps this is a naturally slow moving situation. I don't take the spades so literally when they show up in the spread. The Club would speed things along especially because it is also a 7, confirming the number of the ending card. For the timing I would say no less then 7 months, and probably a year.

  9. Thank you very much for all the valuable knowledge you share with us.
    After your explaination it totally make sense.

  10. Hi your method for telling time is amazing but I'm curious at to the different combinations and what numbers the court cards represent. For example in a reading I received the 8 and queen of diamonds 8 of hearts 5 of clubs and jack if hearts. And for emphasis season card from a different timing method it said spring being ace of clubs. How would you interpret this? The explication confused me abit.
    many thanks

  11. Hi Kapherus its always wonderful to have any explanation by you which is very educative and informative and so wonderfully explained to understand easily .......
    I would like to get notification about your any post for me to learn and guidance.........I do not want to miss at any cost plz. add me in your list....will be great ful
    Ranie Bhalla.

  12. Thank you, Ranie. I'm sorry I missed your question earlier. I have added a follow button on the sidebar on the right-hand side of the blog. Just click the button and you can follow my blog, and get updates automatically by email. I appreciate your kind words and continued interest in my teachings. :)

  13. I'm trying to understand your way of pinpointing timing... I asked "when will I hear from Richard?"

    I got 10c Kh 2h 7c 10d

    Honestly I'm lost... The cards are talking about the situation for sure. Richard is a man that I love who travels. And the cards indicate Sucess
    However the timing baffles me...
    10c denotes 10 days... Slowed down by the hearts... The 10d would speed up the process... With the 7c... 9 days??
    Any light you can shed would be greatly appreciated.

  14. With the predominance of heart cards in the spread, I would be more inclined to see 'weeks' rather than 'days.' The two 10's stand out to me. If I had drawn these cards, my prediction would be "within 3 months." But, of course, these are your cards, and so you must go with your own intuitive feelings regarding the timing. :)

  15. Hi Kapherus, thank you so much!
    Your post was enlightening to me. It is Very hard to me understand the "time" when some event will happen! Now I am going to test. your method!

  16. Hi Kapherus, Thanks for the post.
    I did my first reading and I got 10 clubs, 10 diamond, Jack spade, Queen hearts and 4 clubs.
    4 of clubs denote 4 hours or days. Two clubs means hours and 1 diamond card makes it faster.
    Now the Queen of hearts and Jack of spade can delay it, I am getting confused. How to interpret this. Please help!

  17. Hi,

    I asked a timing question ("how long?") and got:

    The many 2s confirm a 2. 2C also means in a short while, right? Such as 2 weeks?
    Considering the 2S and kH, the last 2C would mean 2 months, and the 2 diamond cards would mean a bit less than that? So the answer would be "a little under 2 months". Would that be correct?

  18. what if the ending card is an ace? I have here 3 of hearts, king of spades, 3 of spades, 10 of spades and the ace of hearts, i use five cards because it's what i'm used to. . but i wanted to try different ways

  19. The spades show delays. It could be one month, or it could be one year. The answer would also depend on the situation and how the individual cards relate to matter in question.

  20. Hi Kapherus. I'm a bit confused. There seems to be a discrepancy between your book/PDF and this article, with regard to the timing association for each suit. For instance, here you've stated diamonds are minutes or hours and Clubs are hours or days. However, your PDF states diamonds mean days and Clubs are weeks. Could you clarify what time frames to use for each suit when reading with the timing spread?
    Thank you so much!

  21. Hi Maggie, excellent question. The PDF was compiled from my old blog by a fan of my work. At the time I had not yet published my timing associations for each suit, so the person that put together the PDF added a reference from the old blog where I posted some correspondences from another source. The meaning listed in the above article are the associations I use, and have found to be accurate for me. Thanks for your question!

  22. Hello, would you mind clarifying what elements you use for Clubs and Spades? Some sites I found assign Clubs to Fire and Spades to Air, whilst others it was vice versa. Thanks!

  23. I don't use either of the correspondences you mention for Spades. For me, Spades are dense and slow like physical matter, and therefore represent the element Earth. Clubs are about thinking and doing and movement, so I see them as Air. Diamonds are restless and quick and explosive, and they are my Fire suit. And of course hearts represent the emotions which are universally associated with Water.

  24. I picked the 6 of spades, 3 of hearts, king of hearts, 3 of clubs, and 7 of hearts. Can you help me determine the timing of this spread? thanks.

  25. Hi kapherus,can u plz explain this line i m very confused 2d+7c+3s+8d+7s does 7 spade here represent 7 years.i m expecting a call from my very old frnd.

  26. hi, I asked when James and I would meet to the cards. I drew 7 of diamonds, 7 of clubs, 6 of hearts, Queen of diamonds and Ace of spades. can u tell me what the timing on these cards are? I am a bit confused on how to do this. thanks.

  27. I'm sorry, I cannot interpret readings on the blog. I've done that in the past, and was bombarded by requests. I just don't have the time to devote to offering readings on this venue. If you are sincerely interested interested in honing your skills as a playing card reader, you may be interested in joining a cartomancy Facebook group that I host at

  28. I’m sorry, I cannot interpret readings on the blog. I’ve done that in the past, and was bombarded by requests. I just don’t have the time to devote to offering readings on this venue. I have a detailed article on timing here on the blog that should help you with determining timing in your reading.

  29. Oh! its ok kapherus..thanx for responding.. i m already following your facebook page but you do mostly sibilla card readings on your page.

  30. Oh sorry kapherus i m following your Facebook page but was unaware of the group.i will be joining.thanx for all the help.