Cartomancy Card Meanings: Spades

Suit of Spades

Negativity, problems, responsibilities, force, obligations, law enforcement, challenges, obstacles, delays, mysteries, secrets, decisions, karmic debts, obsessions, addictions, resentment, anger, setbacks, frustration, loneliness, confinement, anxiety, failure, fear, illness and loss.

Characteristics of Spade Suit

Powerful, intense, responsible, demanding, controlling, cautious, secretive, possessive, spiteful, charming, charismatic, mysterious, calculating, detached.

King of Spades

A man of authority, ambition and power. Divorced or widowed, an older man, a leader, lawyer, judge, police officer, health specialist, man from a foreign country. He can be arrogant, opportunistic, deceptive, cold, calculating, shrewd, possessive, emotionally controlled, detached, a rival in business or love.

Queen of Spades

An ambitious, skillful, intelligent woman. Divorced or widowed, lonely, an older woman, may be from a foreign country, a leader, lawyer, health specialist, clever, capable of conniving and plotting, spiteful and catty, deceptive, cold, calculating, emotionally controlled or detached, a gossip, a rival in love or business.

Jack of Spades

A skillful, clever young person, most often male. A soldier or cadet, a police officer, a young person from a foreign country, a young leader. May be unsettled, erratic, emotionally inconsistent, a youth in trouble, a bully, a gang member, a juvenile delinquent, cold, calculating, emotionally controlled, detached, a liar, a spy. Can represent dark thoughts, or the thoughts of the King or Queen of Spades.

Ten of Spades

Traditionally a card of misfortune, grief, ruin, and tragic endings. This card casts an ominous shadow across all surrounding cards in the spread. The negative emotions associated with the unfortunate events in life–emotions such as fear, worry, sadness, tears, disappointment, depression and grief. This card can reveal the hang-ups and fears that block us from reaching our goals. Obsessiveness or compulsive behavior, secrets, mysteries, lies, suspicions, deception, criminal activity, betrayal. A large body of water, the unconscious, the subconscious, evil forces, darkness, night, cold weather, winter.

Nine of Spades

Traditionally a card of sadness, adversity, failure, suffering, emotional or physical pain, grief, and malice. This is a very unfavorable card. It forebodes tragic events including accidents, serious injury, serious illness, self-injury, and harm to one’s self or another. Feeling  pressured or forced to do something. It can indicate a loss of control, a breakdown of established patterns. It can represent a disappointment, or a broken heart. Karmic debts, obligations, and duty to self and others.

Eight of Spades

Traditionally a card of disappointment, illness and physical restriction. A loss of balance,  a lack of reciprocation, unrequited love, something one-sided and not mutually beneficial. Physical imbalance, health problem, mental imbalance, a doctor, a dentist, a psychiatrist, a wound, pain, an insult, feeling slighted or snubbed, hurt feelings, an emotional upset. Reassessing one's goals, examining ones accomplishments, investigating or researching a question or problem, a medical exam, civil service exam, scholastic exam, forensic exam, police investigation.

Seven of Spades

Traditionally a card of bad luck and loss, unexpected trouble, a mishap, an unhappy surprise,  a serious setback, a reversal of plans, frustration, a lack of progress, a stalemate, stagnation, addiction, drugs, medications, alcohol, codependent relationship, a cocktail, a nightclub, bar or saloon.

Six of Spades

Traditionally a card of completion, the end of one phase and the beginning of the next, a permanent ending, a situation or relationship that has run its course, the need to let go, releasing what no longer serves, a parting of ways, moving on to something new, making progress, a moving force, a move to a new residence, a mode of transportation, a car, truck, bus, train.

Five of Spades

Traditionally a card of anger and loss. From an older symbolic meaning of a hand holding a knife, the 5 of Spades can denote cutting someone or something out of one’s life. It can also denote a surgical procedure, divorce, quitting, leaving,  going it alone, loss, fear of abandonment, loneliness, depression, separation accompanied by pain, grief, sorrow and tears. The left hand, left-handed, the left path.

Four of Spades

Illness, recuperation, the need for caution, the sick bed, hospital room, coffin, a jail cell, rest, confinement, exhaustion, need to take it easy, move at a slower pace, bed-ridden, feeling fenced in, staying at home, an unhealthy situation, feeling trapped, feeling sick and tired.

Three of Spades

Traditionally a card of loss and deception, lies, misunderstanding, confusion, a growing problem, a worsening condition, deterioration, disease, infection, third-party interference, a third wheel, meddling,  a love triangle, what goes on behind the scenes, trials and tribulations, a test, an exam.

Two of Spades

Traditionally a card of conflict, disagreement, betrayal, argument, anger, resentment, holding a grudge, vindictiveness, violence. Bad news, a removal, a separation, something sharp, pointed, teeth, ice.

Ace of Spades

Traditionally the Death card, but rarely physical death. Death and rebirth, an ending and new beginning,  transformation,  a major life change, the skull, the mind, an important decision that brings change, worry and anxiety.

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