Multiple Card Combinations


Two Kings: shaking hands on business deal, a man in uniform – policeman, fireman. . Three Kings: success, making name for oneself
Four Kings:  public recognition, an organisation of mostly men


Two Queens:  sharing confidences, rivalry or gossip
Three Queens:  a group female friends, girls night out
Four Queens: girls' school, sorority, organisation of mostly women


Two Jacks: quarrel, disagreement, legal action, court case, setting something right
Three Jacks: Boys night out, competition, rivalries, discord among friends
Four Jacks: Boys' school, scouts, organisation of mostly men


Two Tens:  short trip
Three Tens: travel out of the country
Four Tens:  extensive or world travel


Two Nines: attainment, higher education or travel industry
Three Nines: changes in philosophy or attitude
Four Nines: highest level of attainment, fame or celebrity


Two Eights: pleasure, good time, music
Three Eights: major change or shift in power
Four Eights: weighing the pros and cons


Two Sevens: life changes, two red sevens health & happiness, spade change for worse
Three Sevens: emotional or spiritual growth
Four Sevens: spiritual awakening


Two Sixes: coming together, falling into place
Three Sixes: social engagement, party, get together
Four Sixes: tying up loose ends, completing tasks, the finishing touches


Two Fives: hands or feet, within reach, power of one’s grasp
Three Fives: serving the public, giving of oneself freely
Four Fives: major change, turning point


Two Fours: solid foundation, stability, grounded
Three Fours: tables, chairs, rooms, cars, a place of amusement
Four Fours: conferences, stadiums, arenas, large gatherings


Two Threes: church or monastery, growing interest in spirituality or religion
Three Threes:  group of children, awareness on a higher plane, religious ot mystical experience
Four Threes: religious fanaticism


Two Twos: pairs, couples, working together, cooperation,
Three Twos: lots of activity, everything happening at once
Four Twos: teamwork, group cooperation


Two Aces: Leadership and authority, change in the two areas of life represented by the suits.
Three Aces:  Unexpected twist of fate, major life change
Four Aces: major changes that affect every area of life

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