Cartomancy Meanings: Suit of Clubs

Suit of Clubs

Business, work, social activity, practical matters, teaching, learning, good luck, growth, goals, conversations, verbal communication, paperwork, action, physical activity, sports, exercise, construction, clubs and organizations, friendships, social interactions, and progress through effort.

Characteristics of the Club Suit:

Active, practical, friendly, playful, out-going, gracious, sincere, reliable, trustworthy, helpful, ambitious, competitive, organized, enterprising, resourceful, enthusiastic, sensible, stable, stubborn.

King of Clubs

A generous, enthusiastic, socially active man. He has excellent business sense, and may own his own business. He might be a successful entrepreneur, a business executive, a college professor, or a professional athlete. He could be a male colleague or business associate. He could be the seeker’s boss or best friend. He is a reliable friend and trusted adviser, and he is generally a married man.

Queen of Clubs

A business woman, a female co-worker, a good adviser, a trusted female friend, or a social butterfly. She is an active, industrious, reliable woman who is well-liked and has great business sense. She can represent a socially active woman who enjoys clubs, societies, and other social functions. She runs her home efficiently, and she likes to keep busy. She is a hard worker, and prefers to be an active participant in life.

Jack of Clubs

A hard-working, honest, sincere young person. He is a busy, active young person, most often male. He is clever and enterprising. He enjoys sports, and may participate in school or community football, baseball, soccer, etc. He can represent an employee, and often denotes a young acquaintance from work. Or he could be a close friend or business associate who is going to be useful to the inquirer in some way. He may wear a uniform that symbolizes his work or rank.

Ten of Clubs

Ambition, achievement, success in business, social prominence.The card of business and career. It can represent a specific business, or it can denote the idea of “business” or “commerce” in a general sense. Also a card of movement and travel. It can refer to a journey, or more specifically a business trip. A business move, such as a major transaction, a business gamble, or an actual change of business ownership or location. Can also refer to “fluids.” When this card denotes a trip, it is usually over or by the water. Can also represent a body of water in any and all forms such as a water pipe, a swimming pool, bath tub, washing machine, or even the kitchen sink.

Nine of Clubs 

Traditionally a card of luck, travel and achievement. Luck in business, a lucrative business opportunity, a lucky break, or a successful career move. Represents time and space, distance, someone or something far away, a long duration, something long lasting. Surrounded by Spades this card can denote postponements and long delays. Also a card of travel from the notions of time and distance. This card can represent a journey for business or for pleasure. This card can also represent an emotional, psychological or spiritual journey; or the quest for self.

Eight of Clubs

Represents  day-to-day activities or daily routine. It indicates how someone spends their time. Most people spend the greater part of their days working, so this is also the “work” card. It can represent a job, or what one does for a living. This card can also denote “working something out.” Also the card of business or social and sharing and reciprocation. It can indicate conversations and discussions, meetings, conference, seminar, symposium, forum, round-table discussion, etc.

Seven of Clubs

Increased activity or changes in a business or social situation. Physical or mental effort including yard work, housework, home repairs, or even fixing the car. Attention to detail, carefully evaluating a situation before making a decision or taking action. Keeping busy, risk of a work overload, the need for rest and relaxation. Preoccupation with work,  the card of the workaholic. Negotiation, disagreement, an argument, or feelings of restlessness and discomfort. Taking on too much, making the best of a difficult situation.

Six of Clubs

Traditionally a card of movement, progress and completion in business or social matters. An opportunity to resolve problems, taking responsibility for a problem or situation and doing whatever is necessary to ensure success. Communion, sharing one’s thoughts and ideas, negotiations, banter, talk, and other forms of communications including hand gestures, body language, the media, and the written word. Good counsel, trusted advice, knowledge, reading, study and learning.

Five of Clubs

A card of action and change. Changes in a work situation, a change in social standing. Symbolizes the five fingers of the hand. Can represent working with one’s hands, or making something. It can also denote exercise, physical labor, and providing the extra effort needed to get the job done. Action, physical activity, need for physical exercise, competition, sporting event, job interview, good luck.

Four of Clubs

Stability in business matters, reliable social contacts, practical foundation, stable conditions, laying the foundation for future progress, a stable business environment, using good business sense. The four walls of a building or room, the four legs of a table, a work table or the social table. A four-wheeled vehicle: a coach, a car, a truck, a cart, a baby carriage, a trip by car. Verbal communication, a telephone call, voice message, and video chat.

Three of Clubs

Practical developments in business and social matters, expanding opportunities, growth, and advancement. The use of common sense, and good judgment. A developing business enterprise, or a three-way deal or partnership, business collaborations of three or more people. A clover leaf, good luck, and fortunate circumstances. Something growing, plants, hair, nails, etc. Increased understanding, or expanding one’s knowledge base by learning new things. It can represent both formal training and self-edification.

Two of Clubs

A social or business invitation, business or social correspondence, or any kind of benefits being given, received or exchanged. A gift, a birthday or anniversary present, something being given or received not limited to material things only. The gift could be someone's time or energy given freely. It may be a piece of helpful advice, or a special favor, or even a bit of good news. A clock, time.

Ace of Clubs

The beginning of a new enterprise or business venture. Focus, direction and singleness of purpose, the exercise of will. Important papers to be signed, legal document, contract, mortgages, a legal will.  A building or institution - government, corporate, public, private, financial, educational, or penal. A home belonging to someone other than the querent.

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