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Learn Classic Cartomancy with Art of Cartomancy!!!

Did you know that everything in your life is ruled and represented by one of the four playing card suits?

Diamonds Hearts Clubs Spades
Money Love Work Challenges
Intelligence Feelings Participation Obstacles
Nerves Blood Muscle Bone
Spirit Soul Body mind
Energy Fluids Solids Gas
Fire Water Earth Air

The trick to mastering Classic Cartomancy is in understanding the Suit influences. The magic of Classic Cartomancy is that everyday people, places, and things can be represented specifically by the playing cards through simple card combinations.

4♣️ = car
8♠️ = doctor

4♣️ + 8♠️ = car mechanic

With playing cards it is possible to give accurate and detailed readings without the need for intuition or psychic ability. The most wonderful thing about working with the playing cards is that they will quickly facilitate opening your intuition and psychic ability. The lack of imagery on the cards can trigger your inner eye, which is the seat of your clairvoyance. All you need is a desire to learn, and a bit of logic and common sense!

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Art of Cartomancy Classic Cartomancy Course

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All Things Masculine - 6 of Hearts

The 6 of Hearts

Masculine Energy¹

The 6 of Hearts is an interesting card in Cartomancy. Traditionally it represents the past, but it is also influenced by both its suit and its number.  For me, the 6 of Hearts is an important card in that it it almost always represents something or someone significant to the consultant. For this reason, the 6 of Hearts can serve as a jumping off point to begin a reading, or transition a layout.

The 6 of Hearts may cause confusion because it carries several important meanings which may not seem related at first glance.  In this post we’ll take a look at each category of meaning, and you’ll find that once you get a feel for this card, the various meanings won’t seem so disparate.  Keep in mind that any or all of the meanings may apply to a reading.

The Masculine Card

The 6 of Hearts is the Male Gender Card.  It represents all things manly and masculine.  If you think of the male hero of a saucy romance novel, you’ll get a pretty good picture of the general attributes associated with this card.

The 6 of Hearts represents the qualities associated with the “male romantic lead” such as strength, bravery, courage, faith, trust, sympathy, gallantry, sensitivity, and a willingness to risk life and limb to honor and protect.  This card can denote “a masculine point of view.”  It can also represent things that are generally associated with the male gender such as carousing, or hunting, or sporting a beard.  Of course many women also possess these qualities, or enjoy these activities (with the exception of sporting a beard), and can be thought to be tapping into their masculine side.

The 6 of Hearts can represent an actual male person in the consultant's life.  He is usually unmarried, although not necessarily unattached.  He is almost always someone loved by the consultant such as a boyfriend, male best friend, or male family member.

When I read for a young woman, the 6 of Hearts will usually represent her sweetheart, or a new love interest about the enter her life.  For an older woman, the 6 of Hearts will usually represent her son.  For a young man, the 6 of Hearts most often represents his brother or a good friend.  For an older gentleman, the 6 of Hearts almost always represents his son.  The surrounding cards will describe the person and the events affecting him.  For example, when falling with Spades, the 6 of Hearts would represent a troubled young man, or that the consultant is worried about a male loved one.

The Past Life Card

In numerology, the number 6 is associated with the planet Venus which represents love and romance.  The Suit of Hearts is also ruled by Venus, and this double Venus energy accounts for another important meaning for the 6 of Hearts: a relationship or love affair.

The 6 of Hearts is also associated with the past, and it can show a past-life connection. For this reason in love readings it is often the Soulmate Card. It indicates a karmic love relationship which brings lessons and the opportunity for emotional and spiritual growth.  The surrounding cards will describe the relationship, and any potential problems or challenges that must be faced.

The 6 Means Communion:

The number 6 also deals with interactions on all levels including physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, etc.  As a result, all of the playing card 6′s represent communication in one from or another.  The 6 of Hearts specifically denotes “enlightenment,” or “illumination” on either a mental or spiritual level.

In his book It’s Written In the Cards, Dr. Leo Louis Martello relates that an older symbolic meaning for the 6 of Hearts was “a book.”  This meaning is also partly based on the fact that the 6 of Hearts represents a creative endeavor, which pretty well describes writing a book. By extension, this card can also denote knowledge, study and learning.  A physical “book,” and the act of “reading” is usually represented by the 6 of Clubs, but acquiring knowledge in a scholastic sense would belong to the 6 of Hearts.

 How Do I Know Which Meaning Applies In My Reading?

Naturally the specific question you ask the cards will help you determine the most appropriate interpretation for the 6 of Hearts.  In a larger layout, or daily draw where no question is asked, any or all of the interpretations may apply to your reading.  As an example, I want to share a sample three card combination that was part of a larger layout for a young female consultant.  In this case I was able to read the 6 of Hearts three different ways, and all three interpretations were meaningful to the consultant:

6 of Hearts + 9 of Clubs + 4 of Spades

The first interpretation shows that the consultant's brother (6) is planning a trip (9) that will be delayed (4) perhaps because of illness (4).  The querent related that her brother is planning a trip to Amsterdam in the spring.  I advised her that he may decide to postpone the trip due to a short illness.

I mentioned to the consultant that the 9 and 4 in combination also made me think of “motion sickness,” and the consultant related that her boyfriend (6) has a horrible time flying, boating, or riding in the back seat of a car because of motion sickness.  This had caused travel complications in the past, and I advised her that his motion sickness may cause another delayed trip (Spade on 9) for the two of them as well (9 in middle).

There were other cards in the reading that pointed to problems the Consultant was experiencing in her relationship, and this combination also confirms that she feels the relationship (6) is not moving (9) in the direction she had hoped (Spade on 9), and she’s feeling confined and unhappy (4).  Basically, these cards show that she is feeling sick (4) of the lack of progress in the relationship.

This combination of cards did not suggest to me the alternative meanings for the 6 of study, learning and knowledge, but that doesn’t mean that those meanings couldn’t apply here as well.

I find that multiple interpretations of the same cards can be meaningful in a reading. Even if the consultant can't immediately validate the message, in most cases it will make sense later.

I hope this helps clarify the the 6 for you.  Happy reading!

¹ This is an old archived article that never got transferred to my current blog.

Wednesday, October 2, 2019

Cartomancy Answer Spread for Finding a Missing Pet

Where Is the Cat?

This is a reading I did for my brother back in 2015.  I want to share this reading again with detailed feedback because it's an example of when the cards accurately answered the question, but I misinterpreted the response. It's important to know that even seasoned professional readers can make mistakes. So please don't be so hard on yourself as you're learning the Art of Cartomancy.

My brother’s cat, Bailey, ran away. She escaped on a Tuesday morning while my brother was moving furniture into his new home. My brother and several of his friends had searched the neighborhood and the woods around his place for three days, but there was no sign of Bailey. My brother was frantic, and he hoped that the cards might provide a clue about where to find the missing cat…

I decided to drawn an Answer Spread. For specific instructions on how to interpret this spread, please see my article on the Answer Spread.

The Middle Column

In the Answer Spread, I always look to the middle column to find the answer to the question. Where is Bailey? The Ace of Hearts is hearth and home. The 2 of Spades represents a separation. I read these cards to show that the cat ran away from home.  Well, of course the cat ran away...that is the whole purpose for the reading. How straightforward the cards can be when answering the question. Where is the cat? The cat ran away.  This combination of cards also suggested to me that Bailey was removed from the area around of the home. In other words, the cat was not nearby, and would not be found in the surrounding neighborhood. This part proved true.

The First Column

The first column of cards provides a premise for the situation. These cards showed that the cat was in an environment (5 of Diamonds) that is warm and safe and secure (10 of Hearts). This was good news. It suggested that the cat had not been harmed or injured. The 5 of Diamonds specifically suggests an urban environment (the city). The 10 of Hearts can point to a place where people go to relax and have fun.

There is a busy street with businesses and food establishments not far from the sub-division where my brother’s townhouse is located. The 5 of Diamonds is also a card of attraction. The 10 of Hearts also corresponds to the compass direction south, which is exactly where the business district is located in reference to the townhouse. It seemed likely that the cat had gone in that direction, perhaps attracted by the noise, and the smell of food. This was helpful information because it provided an area to narrow the search. My feeling was that the cat may be hiding behind one of the food establishments on the strip.

Last Column

Finally, the last column provides additional information to consider. The 2 of Hearts can represent a child or a pet. The fact that Bailey was represented by a card in the pivot position of the spread suggested to me that she would be found safe and sound. The Jack of Diamonds suggested that the cat may be in the care of a boy or young man. Or perhaps this person (my nephew?) would be the one to find the missing cat. It’s interesting to note that I had done another reading in which I asked if the cat would return home. The same Jack of Diamonds appeared in the other reading, also in the last column, but with the 2 of Clubs suggesting help or assistance. For the Jack to appear in both readings was a sure sign to me that this person would play an important role in the situation. Fortunately, the 4 of Hearts (reconciliation) appeared in the previous reading to confirm that the cat would return we remained hopeful.


This is a case where I misinterpreted the middle column, and missed what the cards were trying to tell me. My brother had recently moved into the townhouse from which the Bailey had run off. As the cards suggested, she was found back at my brother's old place of residence, about two miles south of the new townhouse. 

Rather than telling me the cat had left home, the cards were trying to let me know that Bailey would be located back at the home my brother had left. Bailey did have to pass through the shopping district and cross a busy highway to get back to the old residence. The young man in the reading was a prior neighbor who had spotted Bailey and had given her a temporary home until my brother could retrieve her. I was able to accurately pick up on all of the important details, except for the exact location where Bailey could be found.

Even after all my years of working with the cards, I can sometimes allow my personal bias or my expectations to influence a reading despite my dedication to being as objective as possible. This is particularly true when reading for myself or for someone I love. It's an important lesson. NO reader is infallible.

King and Jack - an Old Friend Comes Back

Many students of cartomancy struggle with the court cards. I know I did when I first started, and I still do from time to time. I think it’s natural because there are so many court cards in the deck, and it’s not always easy determining who is who in a reading. Luckily when two face cards fall side-by-side, they can be combined to indicate a single meaning.  One of the most common and useful combinations is the King and Jack.

The combination of King and Jack can predict the return of someone from the past, or the return to a situation or location from the past, such as returning to a former job, or moving back home.

In relationship readings, this combination can predict a loving re-connection with someone from the past. There is a well-known tarot and Lenormand reader in the online cartomancy community who also works with playing cards. She had this combination predict the arrival of a man from the past who has turned out to be the love of her life!

When this combination refers to a person, the King will generally describe the person (man), and the Jack will describe the dynamics of the prior relationship.  Likewise, the Queen and Jack would describe a woman returning the querent’s life, and that prior relationship.

It's important to keep in mind that these combinations represent a single person, so the directions of the figure's gazes are not part of the consideration when interpreting these cards. Card order and Suit interactions are the keys to an accurate interpretation.

For example…

The above combination would predict an old lover returning.  The King of Clubs describes someone with medium coloring, brown hair and brown or hazel eyes. Alternately, you could use the characteristics associated with the King of Clubs to describe him. He’s ambitious, he has good business sense, he’s practical and organized, he can be stubborn, but always sensible, etc. The Jack of Hearts would show that the dynamics of the prior relationship were romantic in nature.

It’s important to use your intuition in choosing an appropriate description based on the suit symbol because of course not all brown-haired men are practical and organized, and not all practical and organized men have brown hair.  For more information on the traits and characteristics associated with the court cards, please see my article on The Court Cards as People.

Here are some suggestions for interpreting the dynamics of the prior relationship based on the Jack suits…

Jack of Hearts: romantic relationship, family connection, close friend
Jack of Diamonds: professional relationship, colleague, family connection through marriage, acquaintance
Jack of Clubs: friendship, co-worker, classmate, team mate
Jack of Spades: enemy, rival, relationship that ended badly

What follows is an example of an actual three-card combination that was part of a larger spread that predicts a relationship developing with a woman from the past. The querent is a single male who was hoping for a new love in his life.

The Queen of Spades shows a woman with very dark hair and dark-brown eyes.  We might also describe her as strong-willed and sensual.  Intuitively, I felt that the Spade represented her marital status as divorced. The Jack of Clubs tells us that this woman is someone the querent already knows from the past. She is an old  friend, or perhaps an former co-worker. The 3 of Hearts shows a romantic relationship developing with this woman. Six months later the querent was re-acquainted with an old school-mate of  his sister, a lovely blonde lady who is sensual, strong-willed and divorced. A  romantic relationship ensued.

When the King Does Not Represent a Person

The querent is freelance contractor who is asking about potential business contracts during the next three months. In this case the King of Clubs can represent a business rather than an individual person. The Jack of Diamonds shows a prior professional relationship with the business. The Two of Clubs is an upcoming offer. The cards indicate that the querent will receive a contract in the next three months from a business that he worked with previously.

Jack and King?

When the Jack comes first I don’t generally read it as a return to the past. Instead the Jack will often represent a child, and the King or Queen will denote the gender. As before, the Jack will define the relationship of the young person to the querent, and the King or Queen will describe the person.

For example…

These cards could represent a young girl or female child. The Jack of Hearts denotes the relationship as a family member, and the Queen of Diamonds describes the child as intelligent, independent, talkative, unpredictable, temperamental, etc.

It’s important to note that all of these combinations are merely suggestions. As always, you’ll need to rely on the context of the reading and your intuition to determine the best interpretation. For example, the Queen + Jack might also represent a mother and son, the Jack and King might represent a boy and his father, etc.

Tuesday, October 1, 2019

Who Killed Ashraf Marwan?

I have another mystery to attempt to unravel with the playing cards! I love exploring mysteries with the cards.

I saw a fascinating movie last night on Netflix about the spy, Ashraf Marwan. The movie is called The Angel. Marwan was an Egyptian national, who apparently spied for both Egypt and Israel during their October conflict in 1973. The Israels herald him as a national hero, and believe he betrayed Egypt and saved Israel. Egypt insists that Marwan was a double agent whose loyalties were always with Egypt.

Marwan was known by Israeli Intelligence as The Angel, and his true identity was unmasked by an historian in 2002. In 2007 Marwan was killed in a fall from the balcony of his high-rise apartment in London. The official cause of death is "unknown," since it is unlikely he committed suicide. The body was found a good distance from the building suggesting that the spy had been propelled from the balcony. There was a witness who caught sight of Marwan as he was already plunging to the ground. The witness also noticed two Middle-Eastern men in the shadows of Marwan's balcony.

Egypt claims that Marwan was murdered by Israeli Intelligence, the Mossad. Israel is convinced that the spy was murdered by Egyptian Intelligence Services. So who killed Ashraf Marwan? Let's see what the playing cards have to say.

Question: Who Killed Ashraf Marwan?

A + 4 + 5 + 8 + J + 2 + 8

I asked "who," so I expect the cards to identify someone. I have a tendency to want to read details of the killing in these cards, but have to remind myself to remain focused on the actual question of identifying the culprit.

I was surprised by the reading. I approached it already convinced that Marwan was killed by the Mossad. Apparently he was in the process of writing his memoirs, which disappeared after his death.  If he had admitted to being a double agent, it would have been embarrassing for Israel. But the cards showed me a different story.

I drew the traditional Neapolitan 7-card Settenaria spread as taught by Renee Cafiero in his book La Settenaria Sciolta. This is my favorite spread for answering questions that do not require a yes-or-no response.

For me, the reading falls on the first three cards. They show someone who has left (5) the homeland (A + 4). Since the reading is about Marwan, I take that to mean Egypt. This idea is confirmed for me by the middle trio which shows the killer was a younger man (J) who was related (8) in some way to Marwan, and was probably known by him. Not that this man was family necessarily, but that he was the same nationality (the Heart confirms an affinity). The last three cards suggest to me that there were two men (2) involved in the killing. That confirms what the witness said he saw.

The Pillars of the Settenaria-- the first, middle, and final cards-- can be read as a trio. In this case these cards provide a shorthand answer to the question. The middle card usually carries the most weight. It reveals a relative to Marwan. The first card shows that it is someone from back home. And the final card shows that this person caused Marwan harm.

Egypt gave Marwan a hero's military funeral belying any suspicion that he betrayed his country. On the other hand, Egypt has refused to release any official evidence proving that Marwan was a double agent. Maybe there is none. Perhaps they were secretly convinced that Marwan betrayed Egypt, and they had him assassinated in retaliation.

Monday, September 30, 2019

The Wish Card: 9 of Hearts

The Wish Card - the 9 of Hearts

I get a lot of questions about the Wish Card, the 9 of Hearts, and how it interacts with other cards in a spread. This morning I thought I would post some specific information on how the 9 of Hearts works for me, and highlight a few common combinations that seem to occur repeatedly in my readings.

The cards always seem to accentuate the positive, and the wish card never appears simply to indicate that a wish does not come true.  When the 9 of Hearts shows up in a reading, it always means you get your wish.  The position of the wish card in relation to surrounding cards will modify, but never completely nullify, its meaning. The card following the wish card will often describe what you wish for, but it can also highlight any obstacles or delays to getting what you desire.

The Wish Card with Spades:

When the 9 of Hearts is followed or topped by a spade, it indicates that the wish is delayed, or that there are obstacles to overcome before the wish can be granted. The Spade following the wish card can also mean that you get your wish, but your wish does not make you happy. As they say, "Be careful what you wish for!" The surrounding cards will describe the situation in greater detail.

The 9 of Hearts followed by the 10 of Spades will indicate that the querent is afraid that the wish will come true, and may be blocking the wish on a subconscious level.  It’s possible that a person may want something wholeheartedly, and yet be terrified by the prospect of having the thing desired.  This combination denotes that the wish will eventually materialize, but some internal work must be done first to clear the way.

The 9 of Hearts + 10 of Spades can also reveal “deservability” issues.  The querent may desire the wish, but because he or she does not feel deserving of the dream, a lack of prosperity consciousness may block or delay the flow of abundance.  In order to speed the manifestation of the wish, the querent would need to work on removing the mental or emotional blocks to success.

Another very common combination is the 9 of Hearts followed by the 9 of Spades.  The 9 of Spades represents a disappointment, or things not turning out exactly as planned.  This combination indicates that you still get your wish, but but not in the way you had hoped or expected. The 9 of Spades. can also indicate forces that are out of one’s control, and may denote that karmic influences are at work.  When the 9 of Spades influences the wish card it usually means there is some kind of karmic lesson involved which will promote spiritual and emotional growth.

The 9 of Hearts followed by the 3 of Spades usually denotes that the person cannot decide on what to wish for.  The querent may have several conflicting desires, and may be unable to focus on one particular wish.  This combination can also indicate that the querent really does not know what he or she wants out of life.  Sometimes the cards surrounding this combination will help the querent crystallize the true heart’s desire.

The Wish Card with Clubs:

Clubs represent work, and progress through effort.  When the 9 of Hearts is followed or topped by a club, it indicates that some effort may be required on the part of the querent in order to fully manifest the desire.

The 5 of Clubs represents taking action, and going after whatever is desired.  The 9 of Hearts followed by the 5 of Clubs will indicate that the wish is within reach, and that success rest in the querent’s own hands.  This combination indicates that the querent has the willpower and confidence to overcome any obstacle to reaching the desired goal.  The manifestation of the dream will require some effort, but all that is need is for the querent to go after whatever is desired.

The Wish Card with Diamonds:

Diamonds represent energy and movement.  When the 9 of Hearts is followed or topped by a well-meaning diamond, it indicates that the wish is already on the way to materializing.  All of the necessary conditions are in place to support the manifestation of the querent’s dream. The Diamonds are also money cards, and this combination can also show that the querent wishes for financial abundance.

The 9 of Hearts followed by the 3 of Diamonds can indicate wishy-washy feelings regarding the wish. The person isn't prepared to put in the necessary work to achieve the desired goal.

The 9 of Hearts followed by the 8 of Diamonds indicates that the querent wishes for financial freedom.

The 9 of Hearts followed by the 9 of Diamonds will indicate that the querent’s wish is tied up with someone else’s desires, and another person will be instrumental in helping the querent realize his or her dream. Sometimes this combination can denote a shared dream, or that someone else is completely supportive of the querent’s needs and desires.

The Wish Card with Hearts:

Hearts represent love and happiness, pleasure and peace of mind.  When the 9of Hearts is followed or topped by another Heart, it indicates that the wish will manifest exactly as the querent hopes and dreams.

The 10 of Hearts represents emotional security, marriage, love, and happiness.  The 9 of Hearts followed by the 10 of Hearts is arguably the very best combination of cards possible.  It will indicate that you get your wish and live happily ever after.

The Wish Card with a Face Card:

The Face Cards (Court Cards) most often represent the people in the querent’s life, and how they affect important events.  When the 9 of Hearts is topped or followed by a Face Card, it indicates that the person represented by the Court Card will play an important role in the manifestation of the querent’s wish. Sometimes this combination can show that the querent is actually wishing on a particular person.

If the Court Card is a Spade, it may indicate a rival, or someone who is interfering with the querent’s wish.  The 9 of Hearts + Queen of Spades or King of Spades may reveal that the querents dream lover is already attached to someone else, or that the dream job belongs to another.  In this case, the cards will indicate that you get your dream lover or dream job, but not necessarily the exact person or position you were hoping for…

Do We Always Get Our Wish?

Yes, the 9 of Hearts will always denote that the wish comes true, but sometimes the wish card will represent the bigger picture, and not our own self-limiting desires.  For example, a few years ago we were in the market for a new home.  We fell in love with a particular house, and placed a bid for purchase.  I pulled a few cards to see whether or not the cards supported the deal, and I got the Ace of Hearts followed by the 9 of Hearts.  The obvious interpretation is that the home would be ours.

Well, we were outbid for the house we wanted, and lost the deal.  Not more than a week later, we got first bid on another home that was far better suited to our needs. It was larger, but less expensive than the previous house.  Within 3 days we signed the mortgage and took possession.  The cards had predicted that I would have the exact home I wanted.  I simply had not yet met my dream home at the time of the reading!